Today I want to share a TED speech by Sarah Kay, founder of Project V.O.I.C.E. (Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expression). Project VOICE is a national movement that celebrates and inspires youth self-expression through Spoken Word Poetry.

What 10 things do you know to be true?

Here are mine:

  1. ‘Having kids‘ is the biggest oxymoron out there. You don’t ‘have’ kids. They have you. It’s the most difficult, beautiful, exasperating, mind blowing, crazy and emotional thing that exists. No one can do it justice, but we all try very hard.
  2. We all deserve a person early on in our lives that tells us how the world really works. And that despite it all, we are beautiful, gifted and can succeed.
  3. Finding our passion and living it, is the duty we all have on this earth. If you can make your passion your job you are a lucky person.
  4. Complaining gets you nowhere. It eats your energy and makes you ugly and grim. If you can change the thing, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Create! Create from within, with all your heart. We all have something special in us, that is only in us. It is our art. Whether it’s computer programming, giving speeches about astrology or helping sick children in Africa. The world needs to see it.
  6. When you are lost, go out into nature. Hug a tree and feel it’s wrinkles, sit in a wheat field and listen to its whisper, walk in the rain and feel it’s cleansing touch.
  7. Deep down, we are all scared and insecure. Deep down, we all want recognition. We all want to be loved. We’re all human and we all make stupid mistakes. So next time someone impresses you and you feel insecure and little, think about that.
  8. Find something to empty your head on a regular basis. We all need a valve to discharge our ‘too much’. So go run, paint, write, mountain bike, help others, sing, garden, write code… Do it often!
  9. Taking things for granted is the biggest mistake you can make. Love, relationships, friendships are hard work. Make sure you choose the ones you want to work at wisely for you can only work on a few during your life.
  10. Speak the truth. Don’t say yes when you mean no. Don’t pretend to be who you are not. Don’t try to please. BE YOU! Life is too short for a fake.

Who has the exact same thing on their list?
Who has the complete opposite thing from you?
Who has something you have never even heard of before?
Who has something you thought you knew all about but are introducing a new angle of looking at it?