Choose yourself.

1. Take control.
Realize that you are responsible for the direction in your life. Choose today to take control of that direction!
You are responsible for your own happiness.

2. Realize…
that everyone goes through things in life that no fun. It all depends on how you deal with them.

3. Trust yourself and in what will come.
Trust your feeling when you find it difficult to make a choice.

4. Let go of ‘knowing for sure’.
People like to know if the choice they are making is the right one. The good news is that you never know for sure.
It doesn’t matter to know for sure, it matters that you trust that your choice is the right one.
Trust that a choice will bring you where you want to be sooner or later.

5. Your own power.
Don’t compare yourself (too much) with other people. You are a unique person with your specific wishes, values, needs, knowledge and personality.
What someone else chooses to do, may not necessarily be right for you. You often know yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously, what feels good.

6. Everything comes on your path.
When you chase your dream and have made a choice, you will see that you get more and more opportunities. You will meet people who will be able to give you exactly what you need. Grab those chances when they fit with your passion and goal!

7. Let your heart speak.
Decide from now on to be honest and open. It will get you further.
Do everything with your whole heart.

8. Listen to yourself. Be true to yourself by following your intuition.
If you lost touch with your feeling, go meditate and get out of your head.
From time to time, give yourself over to emotions. Repressing them can lead to tiredness and stress.

9. Remember what it brings you.
Think about what you get back when you follow your heart (instead of thinking about what you have to miss).

10. Make choices, big and small.
You have to choose between more or less important things. Be aware of which choices are worth the worry and which are not. It will save you lots of time and stress.
Realize that you can split a big decision into small pieces.

11. Get the power.
Feel the new energy that is released and enjoy it! Know that a choice will bring change. And change is energy which you can use.

What do you want?

12. Know your values.
When you know what is important to you, it becomes easier to makes choices. You don’t have to make each choice on a level of details, because you know your higher goals.
What do you find important in your life?
What has high value for you?
What is your life’s motto?
Let your choices be in line with your values and needs.

13. What did you like when you were young?
What did you like to do when you were a kid? Ask your parents, siblings and friends what you loved doing back then. Read your old diaries and look for dreams, goals and successes.

14. What do you like now?
Talk to someone about work and hobbies. When you talk about what really touches your heart, you usually cannot stop talking. That’s where you need to go.

15. What if?
What would you do if you knew there were no tomorrow?
Think about what you would like to tell your children on your deathbed.

16. Feel your dream.
Listen to your deepest wishes and dream about your ideal life.
Visualize your perfect day: what you do that day, who are around you, what work you do, where you live. How does it look when you have succeeded?

17. Feel the happiness.
Think about when you were happiest and go for that happiness.
Regularly visualize your dreams and give them trustingly to the Universe.

18. Stop to…
pull dead horses, meet with people who drain your energy, lower yourself.

19. and also to…
want everything (make choices!), think too much when you already know (just do it!), think in impossibilities.

Get structure

Some people like to go with the flow and wait for whatever comes their way. A more structured way may suit you better. So here are some tips.

20. Translate your dreams into concrete goals and actions.
What do you want to achieve?
By when do you want to achieve this?
Why do you want to realize this dream?
Make a plan!

21. What do you want and how?
How will you realize this goal?
What do you need from yourself and from others?
What is your alternative plan?

22. Step by step.
Split your plans into doable steps.
When you have your dream in front of you, what is each time the next step?

23. What are you doing right now?
Set up three goals: one for tomorrow, one for one month from now and one for five years from now.
And what is the very next step to reach that goal?

24. Make lists.
A list with 5 things you would like to do – then go do them.
A not-to-do list to steer clear of your energy eaters.
Work on an elevator pitch about yourself in five sentences: this is what I want to achieve and why.

25. Just do it.
Tackle your goal for today by just beginning, just doing it!  When you teach yourself to reach your goals, it becomes a habit. You not only reach the goals of today, but also those 5 years from now.

26. Let go of your fears.
Do one thing well instead of just a little bit of many things.
Live as if you have already achieved your dream: fake it until you make it!

Share your dreams!

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. When you share your dreams, others can be enthusiastic and help you with new insights. That gives you energy and a boost!

27. Put your dream into the world.
When you talk about it it becomes more true. Exciting, but also very beautiful!
By putting your dream into the world, you will start believing in it even more.

28. Share your wishes and plans with others.
Share them with the people close to you.
But also share your dreams with people who you don’t know that well. They will be able to look honestly at them.

29. Use social media.
Use social media to share your dreams: you will find people who have the same goals.
Start a blog about the things that you like and want.

30. Sharing is motivating.
When people know your plans, they will ask about them. They want to know how it’s going and that stimulates you to continue.

31. Dare to adapt.
Define your own course, deviate from it when necessary and be open to suggestions of others.

32. Share with a passion!
Be enthusiastic! Even the sharing of your dilemma’s can give you space and help you onwards.

Happy in your body.

When you’re happy in your body, energy flows better. How do you get your energy? A few tips.

33. Your physical energy.
Take good care of yourself.
Make sure you have a healthy body. Exercise and look for a sport that makes you happy.

34. Sex is good for you.
Make sure you have good sex. An orgasm makes you creative and its’s good for your mood. So no more ‘I have a headache’ excuse!

35. Rest.
Make sure you get enough sleep. It’s better to go to bed and continue earlier in the morning than to pass your limit in the evening.
Meditate. It assures rest and it clarifies what is going on and what you want.

36. What do you feed yourself?
Do you want to eat healthier? Keep daily track of what you what on Foodzy.
Make raw food smoothies for a detox and new energy (Example from Dr Oz).
Just feel good! And you will radiate it.

37. Create space in your head and around you.
Empty your head. Your head is meant to think, not to memorize. Write down what you don’t want to forget. Use Workflowy or Evernote.
Clear out what you do not use. Throw it out, sell it or give it away.
Clear out one drawer, shelf or room each week. This creates space and calm.

Search for energy and inspiration

38. Surround yourself with your dream
Make sure that your dreams and wishes are around you each day. If you are inspired by what you see, hear and say, it keeps your passion alive.

39. Make it visible.
Make a mood board or vision board of all the things that make you happy.
Give this board a place in your favorite room.
Ensure that your work and living environment gives you energy.

40. Keep track of your dreams
Buy a nice notebook and write your dreams and plans down.
Imagine how sad it would be if someone found this notebook after you passed away and more than half of your dreams did not come true.

41. Get inspiration.
Surround yourself with photos of things or people that inspire you. Or better: write down an advice they gave you.

42. Fuel your creativity.
Do something creative. It doesn’t matter what.
Change the way you do things.
You are not creative? Take a course.

43. Find inspiring people.
Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. You have good ideas, but other people can bring in totally new ideas and experiences that can enrich you.
Don’t only tell your story but also ask them what they do, how they got there and what it has taught them.

44. Meet others.
Nowadays you can meet people who are pursuing their dreams just about anywhere: inspiration evenings, collaboration events, networking days… Go there, mingle, get inspired.

45. Find a hero.
Find a master or teacher. Or call someone a hero. Or think about your own word for someone who inspires you.

46. Book tips.
Make sure you know the ‘why’ you’re doing something. Why would you want to do what you really want to do? For inspiration read Start with Why by Simon Sinek.
Read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho about listening to your heart.

47. Internet.
Search ‘Stand up Inspiration’ on Vimeo for hundreds of inspirational videos.
Or visit Playlists such as Barbra Streisand’s 8 must see talks for women.
Because you can also surround yourself with inspiring people on the internet.

48. Ask.
Call your girlfriends. Ask them questions, make them ask questions. The answers will be flowing quickly.
Or check out social media groups targeted on your dreams.

49. Dare to ask.
You can probably find out lots of things. The hard way or by waiting. But why not dare to ask someone who knows? No need to spend hours googling. Sometimes your boss, your neighbor, your friend’s husband, the local radio guy,…might have the answer. Dare ask!

50. Initiate and help.
Help others. You not only make them happy but also yourself.
Let yourself be inspired and inspire others. Just be yourself.

51. Have a ladies night.
Organize an evening with friends on the theme ‘Doing what we really want’. Without doubt a lovely evening with lots of A-ha moments.


Obstacles are often made by fear: fear of letting go of the known and comfortable, fear of less than you have now and fear of the opinion of others. And too often we make that opinion of others way to important for ourselves.

52. Make your obstacles insightful.
There are many things that can hold you back to do what you like. If you can’t seem to plan or realize your dreams, go search for what the obstacles could be.
Rest assured: everyone knows these obstacles and fears. You are not the only one.

53. Beat your fears.
Don’t be afraid of what will come. If it’s there it will surface sooner or later anyway. The sooner you get to it, the faster you can enjoy the liberation.
Sharing can be very liberating and can make energy flow again.

54. Get help.
Do you keep getting stuck behind your fears and obstacles? Get help. Hire a coach for example.

55. What’s the worst that can happen.
When you know that every decision has disadvantages, the only thing that matters is what is best for you.
What is the worst that can happen when you make a decision? Try to find out what exactly it is that you are afraid of. What’s the risk and how bad is it really?

56. But what if…?
…I don’t have any money? Don’t wait for the moment that you will enough money to do what you want to do. Chances are that moment will never come. Besides, today there are many ways to collect money for your dream, such as crowd funding for example.
…it goes wrong? So what?! You have at least tried and most probably learned a lot.
…others don’t like my plan? Let go of your preconceptions of how things needs to be. Who decides that anyway? It blocks your out of the box thinking. Think about how you want it. Be innovative and why not forget about the box.

57. Yes but…what if…?
…I can’t do it?Trying is learning.
…I don’t make the right choice? You can never oversee all risks, advantages and disadvantages when you have a choice to make. It will probably happen that you realize afterwards that you have made the wrong choice. But what makes a choice a wrong choice? You always learn from it. And it can lead to new chances. Maybe you get new ideas that you would not have gotten otherwise. ‘Wrong’ decisions teach you a lot about yourself: about your strengths and weaknesses, your passions, your lessons etc. In the end they bring you closer to the choices that do suit you best. Don’t look back too long, but learn from it for next time. The Wright brothers made 1000 attempts in flying an airplane. You may ‘fail’, as long as you don’t give up!
Turn your obstacles into opportunities. And see those opportunities as a challenge.

58. Diptips
It’s not working? Tomorrow is another day.
Mistake? Learn from the feedback and do it differently next time. Mistakes are the best lessons you can get.

59. Look for challenge!
Think positively. It does work.
Adverse wind makes your kite rise. Realize that nearly nothing works without adverse wind. And it would be quite boring if you had just succeeded ‘like that’, no?

60. Be yourself and believe in yourself.
You will come across obstacles on your way. Things don’t go as planned. It’s part of life. It’s an art to not let yourself be discouraged to continue. En continue to believe in yourself.
Stay close to your feelings. Later you will see that those obstacles actually helped you.

61. Not just for yourself.
The world needs you. So go on, do what you have to do!
You don’t have to believe that you can do it. You need to know it!

Am I still on the right path?

It is always good to check if you’re still working on your dream. And if your dream is still your dream. Here are some tips.

62. Moments of reflection.
Regularly look back to see how far you’ve come and where you stand. How often suits you? You can do this by yourself or with the help of someone.
When are you satisfied? Write it down and put it on the wall so that you see it regularly.
If something did not work, try to find out what the reasons are and how you can move on.

63. Check in and adapt.
Look at what you have done to reach your mid- and longterm goals. It teaches you to consciously manage your time and energy. Is this still what you want to do? Maybe you have to adapt your plans? Stop when you realize that you are doing things that don’t make sense. But don’t give up too fast.

64. There is only now.
Be in the here and now. Here is where it happens. Now is the moment.

65. Protect your boundaries.
Even in your passion you can go overboard: it becomes a duty. And that kills the fun.
Consciously switch off Twitter and Facebook from time to time. It’s nice but costs a lot of energy and time. And it can be addictive.

66. No is no.
Teach yourself to say no in a powerful and respectful way. No need to say sorry.

67. Be flexible.
Dare adapt your plans when you feel that it’s needed. That way you receive new insights that will get you closer to what you want.
The way you reach your goal may change, but your passion remains the same.

68. Look further.
When you think that you can reach your goal in only one way, you can become very upset when you encounter an obstacle. Realize that there are always other possibilities, whatever happens.

Tips for when you are in you’re with one leg in your new life.

So you’re working hard to find your passion and realize your dream. And you realize what you no longer want in your life. But you may have to continue doing things that you find less appealing because otherwise the rent doesn’t get paid. How do you still make the best of it?

69. Know why you don’t enjoy it.
When you no longer like your work, try to find out what the reasons are. Is it the atmosphere that’s bad? Or is it because the content of your job is boring? Do you travel too much or not enough? Do you not like your colleagues? Or do you bump into your own shadows. Find out why that is.

70. Adapt your expectations.
Try to have realistic expectations. What are they? What is the reality? And how big is the gap between the two? Adapt your expectations if need be.

71. Pour your energy in positive things.
Changing the system is difficult, but you can try to create a good working environment in your direct vicinity. Try to attract as many fun projects as you can.

72. Create energy.
Meet with people who give you energy. Positive energy is contagious.

73. Be open to new directions.
How can today’s situation contribute to your dream? It often happens that in the pursuit of their dream people get offered new chances at their current job or employer.

74. How do others do it?
Look at others: how to they stay on the job? How do they make their activities fun?

75. Discover the recipe.
What is the recipe of others for their success? Create your own recipe.

76. Look for alternatives.
Get your pleasure from other activities such as hobbies, friends or holidays.

77. Stay true to yourself.
The more you stay close to your heart, the better you can keep doing your work.

78. Remind yourself regularly of your dream.
Keep your dream warm: it is your point on the horizon. Feel the warmth and energy.

79. Keep it concrete.
What is your plan and planning? Go for it.

80. Stay in the now.
It’s great to think about your dream a lot and think about the future and how great it will all be. But you have to also enjoy the road there. Praise yourself on the way there.

81. Say goodbye when it’s time.
When you really can’t stand your situation or activities anymore or when it makes you sick, go do something else. Stop and search for alternatives in the direction of your interests. It often helps to make a choice to get a breakthrough to go for your dream.


82. Reward yourself.
When you have taken another step in the right direction, reward yourself. Even if the step is minor. Celebrate and throw a little party. Make yourself a great cappuccino, dance with your kids around the room, cook your favorite meal. And more importantly: tick your goal off your list. You have taken another step.

83. Pat on your shoulder.
Why should you not be able to tell yourself that you did something well? Give yourself a pat on the shoulder from time to time.

84. Celebrate your successes.
Create traditions and rituals that fit with your dream and that are important to you, like celebrating a special evening.

85. Keep track.
Keep a notebook to celebrate your successes. Write down all the things that you have succeeded. At the end of the book you summarize who you did it all.

86. Don’t forget the small things.
Enjoy the small things. Open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate even little wins.

87. The way is the goal.
Often we are so busy with reaching our goal, that we forget to enjoy the way there. But the way is part of the fun! The way is the goal! New experiences, new people, enthusiasm, possibilities, victories and feeling your own energy. Enjoy it!

88. Don’t give up.
Don’t give up if something goes wrong along the way. Continue on your road, make a step to the side or even back, and move on from there. Sidesteps and side roads are part of it. That’s where you learn the most.

89. Gratitude.
Be thankful for the things you have.

90. Make a difference.
Don’t forget that you can make a difference.

91. Do what you can.
Prefer to direct your efforts to one person than the entire world. If you have a connection with that one person, you can conquer the world.

92. Think big.
Think about what your dreams can mean to others.

93. Discover your strength.
Never give up when someone says that it can’t be done. That gives you power!

94. Away with assumptions.
Check your assumptions before you take them to be the truth.

95. Away with the crap.
Know that the ultimate truth does not exist. It’s what you do with it that counts.

96. Do what you want.
Don’t go to bed until you have done what you wanted to do that day.

97. Greatness.
Know that you are on this earth to do something great.

98. Without money.
Never let yourself be held back because of lack of money. So many things get done without money nowadays. There’s always a way.

99. Nothing is impossible.
Delete the word ‘impossible’ from your dictionary.

100. Exception.
Be the exception to the rule.

Freely translated from Vrouw&Passie magazine.