I have recently been told that I have sex appeal.

Okay, no surprise, it was a man who said it…, but he also explained what made him think I was sexy.

‘It’s the creative way you do things’, he said.

Now, I don’t need a man to tell me I am sexy or creative. I know that. But it’s nice to hear, right?

So here’s why creative women are sexy:

  1. They are confident about their ideas and the way they do things.
  2. They are not afraid to fail, because failure makes them learn and grow and become more confident.
  3. They are resourceful and always have creative ideas and solutions for problems.
  4. They have courage to try new things and speak up for themselves.
  5. They do what they love, and often have made a business or side project out of it.
  6. They stand out. Because they are creative, run creative projects, have a signature style (in clothes, website presence, communication…)
  7. They are original.
  8. They know what they want (and don’t want).
  9. They say what they want (and don’t want).
  10. They are not pretending to be something or someone they are not – although they would probably be creative enough to do so.
  11. They don’t play games, unless they’re the creative, brainstorming kind.
  12. They exude energy. And that’s contagious.
  13. They attract other creative (and thus sexy) people.
  14. They are fun, because they always have ideas up their sleeve to liven up a party.
  15. They are open to discuss anything, share ideas, exchange knowledge.
  16. They are knowledgeable about many topics because they find interest in so many different things.
  17. They build on your ideas instead of telling you what’s wrong with them.
  18. They will surprise you with unusual locations for a meeting, gadgets they have discovered or things you should try.