Inspire change through creativity

To inspire literally means ‘to cause to have a particular thought or feeling’. That’s what I want to do at my retreats, workshops and trainings: provoke feelings in people; feelings of confidence, creativity and courage.

Life’s too short to spend it on things that don’t really matter to you.

Being creative is part of feeling alive

I help women, artists and entrepreneurs shift mind sets in a short amount of time. My Creative Workshops and Coaching Sessions serve to re-activate creative flow and idea generation.

As a skilled life coach (Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M), I use breakthrough techniques, practical tools and creative systems to allow people to immediately start creating (their lives, their art, their work…) and see results.

Through my Create Your Life Retreats and Create Your Life Steps Coaching Program, I have inspired many women to create a life of meaning and purpose.

Coaching and training people is my true passion

I walk the walk, living and working from a place of authenticity and growth. Inspiring as a public speaker, watch my presentation at Tedx Luxembourg city.

One of the biggest lessons from my own coach was: ‘The way you do one thing is the way you do everything’. By doing one thing differently – or better – the result is immediate and the insight very powerful. To move from reacting to creating your life, all you have to do is move the C… – She laughs.

All I do is help people move their C to the right place!

My values

My mission

I organise workshops, retreats and activities that have a positive, creative impact. It is my mission to inspire people to change to become more creative, grow and live a better life.

I inspire people to become more creative in every area of their life by changing HOW they do things, not WHAT they do.

I am taking them from reacting to creating their life.

Let’s create some positive change together!

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Before the Retreat …
I was not in a good place in my life, I was exhausted, on the verge of a breakdown and just generally overwhelmed by life.

I Signed up because …
I felt I was at a crossroads in my life. Stuck working an office job I hated, desperately trying to start a new business that I felt passionate about but I just didn’t know where to start. When I saw the flyer it felt like this had come at exactly the right time.

After the Retreat …
The biggest thing I got out of the Retreat was “attending to your own oxygen mask first”. Regardless of being a mom and my kids being the most important things in my life, if I’m not healthy and happy then they won’t be either. The Retreat helped me put things in perspective in the grand scheme of things.

An Investment in YOU …
I have to admit that the cost of the Retreat put me off initially, but when I thought about it and figured in the cost of the accommodation, food and yoga classes, I realised that combined with what I could get out of it, it wasn’t that much. If I had gone away for a weekend in London, I would have spent that and more and got significantly less out of the deal.