When you have done all the background work to make a conscious decision – a choice – it won’t do you much good unless you act on it.

Remember the story about the woman in the Italian gelateria who couldn’t decide what flavour she wanted? I use this example to help women see that they don’t have to live life reacting to everything in overwhelm mode. You can live with intention and BE who you want to be.

I described the first 3 steps in the Create Your Life steps process. If you missed it, you can refer back to those articles below:

  • Step 1, Intention, is all about getting clear on where you Are (point A) and where you want to Be (point B)
  • Step 2, Elimination, is all about clearing the obstacles to your BE level
  • Step 3, Integration, is about staying clear and putting a solid foundation in place
  • Step 4, Action, is about giving your decisions legs!

Reflecting back on the gelateria, imagine yourself there again amongst all those 50 flavours of ice cream. You have taken the step to get clear about what you really want.

Based on that clarity (intention), you have narrowed down your options to two flavours (elimination), and now you’re easily able to choose (integration) the one flavour that will make your taste buds dance and soul sing.

It feels great to have made the decision about what kind of ice cream you want. But it won’t do you much good unless you go ahead and order it. Then you won’t just be imagining how great Pina Colada ice cream tastes. You’ll be experiencing it!

Your conscious choice doesn’t get realized without action. And that’s the necessary fourth step in the Create Your Life steps process. Here’s what you need to know about ACTION:

  • Decide to Decide: Do you make decisions from where you ARE or from where you WANT TO BE?
    How many times do you postpone a decision because you doubt your choice to be the right one? Or maybe you just went with someone else’s flow long enough for the decision to be made for you? It’s time to practice making decisions daily (start with small choices that don’t seem too critical). Notice all the decisions you make. Give them your whole commitment! Trust yourself.
  • Avoid Busy-ness: Being busy does not carry the same weight as authentic action toward your intended results. It’s easy to get distracted or spend time on activities that are meaningless but allow you to avoid discomfort. Change doesn’t always feel comfortable! So set your intention and remind yourself throughout the day to stay on track.
  • Take Baby Steps: Big goals are great – they can help us to expand. But they can feel overwhelming if we don’t take baby steps to get started. Take a goal and ask yourself, “What baby step could I take every day to complete this goal?” Then (and this is the big challenge) get out your calendar and schedule it in daily for the rest of the year. Commit.

Action is a full on commitment to yourself and your happiness. Self-care, embracing imperfection, establishing accountability, and celebration are key ingredients you want to add in along the journey so that you create an environment that sustains your growth.

When you complete and embrace the four Create Your Life Steps, you will be well equipped with tools and systems to be the Creator of your life.

And the work does not end there. Creating your life is an ongoing process. Each step starts all over again when you tackle something new. Each step can be started and completed in a day for small things. Sometimes it takes years to complete them when you follow a big dream.

It’s all a matter of persevering, doing it imperfectly, and forgiving yourself when it doesn’t work.

Be honest. Does your life look like the real you? Does it reflect your best self? Does it show your genuine priorities?

If not, how much longer are you going to passively coast along? Settle for good enough?

Don’t let another year pass without getting clear and moving toward your highest intentions.

Embrace your power to CREATE a life that feels inspiring and fulfilling to you, whatever that looks like. Make the time, find a way, and create a comfortable space to start the process of re-creating the real you.

If you prefer to be supported in this process by a small group of wonderful women who share your desire to get clear, eliminate, integrate, and act on your intention, join us at one of our next Create Your Life workshops.

If you prefer individual support, contact me for more information on coaching.

Go from REACTIVE to CREATIVE in actively choosing how you live your ideal life. Take a baby step today!