We live in a busy, hectic world, full of things, technology and people. There is a lot of noise around us. Kids are screaming, computers are zooming, machines are buzzing.

We have things to do, places to go, planes to catch and goals to achieve.

It is often difficult to find the peace and quiet we need to rest, restore and find our core selves.

But even when we find ourselves in a quiet moment, away from the bustling outside world, there is also the static we all carry inside us. Our past experiences and stories, our worries, our doubts, our fears. Even our joy is noisy!

And in that noise, it is often very difficult to hear the things we really need to hear.

It’s like trying to see your reflection in running water. It’s just impossible.

It’s not that we don’t want to hear or see, it’s that we can’t.

  • Because there is no room in our life, in our head.
  • Because it’s too noisy, too crowded.
  • Because we are too tired to hear the messages destined for us.
  • Because we are too afraid to stop and listen.

I remember being a kid and lying on the grass in our garden during those endless summers where nothing really happened. All you could hear was the neighbor’s lawn mower, some kids playing water games or some birds and bees buzzing about.

Life was much quieter then. And easier. We simply ‘got’ things. They came to us. We heard them. That little voice that said ‘I want to do this’. That feeling that told us ‘this is not right’. That aching that said ‘I want to sleep’.

The messages are always there.

  • Fatigue is a message.
  • Fear is a message.
  • You yelling at your kids is a message.
  • Grumpiness is a message.

All you need to do is to listen to them. To cancel out the noise. To stop all interruptions and static. To stop interrupting the messages and the messengers.

Find that spam in your life, the distractions that are filling up spaces where something better, healthier should be.

Where is the noise that prevents you from hearing yourself, your messages, messages others send you?

How can you create space, get rid of the noise?

How can you really listen to those messages, to other people?

Here are a few random things I do regularly to hear my messages better:

  • Unsubscribe from online magazines or newsletters you never read (hope mine isn’t among them 🙂 but if it is, you won’t even read this 🙂 Here’s how.
  • Eliminate people who drain your energy.
  • Create ‘talking time’ with your kids (all together and separately) – at night time, at dinner etc to hear their messages.
  • Have tea with friends who uplift you, who know how to get messages across despite the noise.
  • Have a water cradling session: this is a lifechanging experience I can only recommend. It’s similar to Watsu .
  • Get the Calm or Headspace app: for guided meditation and mindfulness.
  • Buy some noise cancelling headphones  and enjoy the silence wherever you are.

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