Imagine going from REACTIVE to CREATIVE. What would that look like for you? How would your life change?

That’s what I asked when I introduced the story of the Italian gelateria in a recent newsletter. Remember the woman who couldn’t decide what she wanted?

I shared information about Intention, the first step in the Create Your Life steps process. If you missed it, you can refer back to that article here. Go ahead and do that before you continue reading today’s post.

Intention and clarity show you the place you want to go to and the road that leads there. That road is full of obstacles. Which leads us to the next Create Your Life step: Elimination.

Reflecting back on the gelateria, and imagining yourself there again amongst all those 50 flavours, what would have been different if you weren’t feeling so overwhelmed by all the options?

What if there was some way to make your decision easier? What if you were able to narrow it down to only two flavour options?

Your ability to make an authentic decision and move forward would probably feel a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

That’s why I created my Create Your Life Steps Program. The second Create Your Life Step (of four) is Elimination. I start with the understanding that elimination is ultimately an inside job. All of our decisions need to come from an authentic place within in order to create maximum benefit.

The truth is it takes energy to focus on our intention. So we can’t afford to keep losing energy on the not-so-helpful habits we’ve been holding on to. Elimination is about clearing out and reducing the noise so we can focus on the results we desire. This process includes:

  •  Fix Energy Leaks: In life we experience energy that lifts us up and energy that drains us. Notice the actions in your daily life that would fall under the category UNDONE, INCOMPLETE, or OVERDUE. Also notice the thoughts that drain. Take a deep breath, and commit to removing these energy leaks.
  • Clear Out Clutter: Clutter equals energy leak. To stop your leak, you need to clear the clutter in every area of your life. Think about what your clutter looks like in these four areas: Physical Environment, Well Being and Health, Money and Wealth, Relationships. Identifying is the first step so that you can take appropriate action.
  • Stop Complaining: If energy flows where attention goes, why would you want to invest it in complaining about what you don’t want? Switch it around. Become more aware of your language, learn how to request, and catch yourself mid-complaint to add a positive ending. For example: “I can’t stand having to drive to work for one hour each way…BUT…at least it gives me time to listen to my audiobook.”

These are a few examples of how to start eliminating so that you can have the necessary energy to act on intention in your life. Why wouldn’t you want to simplify?

Most of us keep running around with our cups overflowing. It’s scary to consider removing clutter from our lives because it has become our comfort zone. But we know it’s holding us back from stepping into our full creative power. That’s why it sometimes helps to have support and guidance from people who are not intimately connected to the end result.

After you clear the path of obstacles, you’re on your way to your goal. But you need to integrate your intention into your daily life and take actions to really grow. That will be the next Create Your Life step I introduce: Integration.

Until then, I invite you to embrace your power to create a life that feels inspiring and fulfilling to you, whatever that looks like.

If you prefer to be supported in this process by a small group of wonderful women who share your desire to get clear and eliminate so you can create space for intention and action, join us in one of our Create Your Life Steps workshops.

If you prefer individual support, contact me for more information on coaching.