Some time ago, I wrote about ‘How to be sexy and why it’s good for you’ and it got me a lot of reactions. Many women mentioned they had started wearing a dress more often after reading my post…

Today I want to go into a similar direction and talk about the clothes you wear.

Because the clothes we choose to wear not only reflect our mood but can change it too.

Yes yes!

Professor Karen Pine discovered that what we choose to put on in the morning is heavily dependent on our emotional state. She applies psychological theories and knowledge to fashion. Fashion psychology is about understanding why people wear what they wear and the effects their clothes have upon other people and on their own their thoughts and emotions.

In her 2013 study, she found that when they were feeling depressed, the women made very different clothing choices than when they were feeling happy.

One hundred women were asked what they wore when feeling depressed and more than half of them said jeans. Only a third would wear jeans when feeling happy. In a low mood a woman is also much more likely to wear a baggy top; 57% of the women said they would wear a baggy top when depressed, yet a mere 2% would wear one when feeling happy. Women also revealed they would be ten times more likely to put on a favorite dress when happy (62%) than when depressed (6%). (source)


The psychologists concluded that the strong link between clothing and mood state suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness, even when feeling low.

Try it!

Next time you get dressed, and especially when you are feeling low, pay attention to the following:

  • Wear clothes you associate with happiness.
    Pine suggests you do this even if you feel low. Choose a top that reminds you of your summer holiday. Wear something in your favorite bright color. Put on that dress that a beloved gave you.
  • Accessorize!
    The study found that twice as many women would wear a hat when happy or put on their favorite shoes. So pick accessories that make you smile, that are special to you or add a special, unique note to your outfit. I am for example in love with the necklace hangers handmade from old buttons.
  • Cut and color.
    Happy clothes do not necessarily have to be expensive. But they tend to be well cut. So do no longer buy those pants that already itch when you try them on or that jacket that is a little too wide a the waist.
    separate study of 2000 women revealed that women tend to wear black 3 times more on Monday than on any other day of the week. Nearly half of women were more likely to opt for brighter clothes on a Friday.
    Why not invert that trend and start with that bright red dress on Monday!?
  • Beware of those jeans!
    The study found that ‘happy’ clothes – ones that made women feel good – were well-cut, figure enhancing, and made from bright and beautiful fabrics. Professor Pine pointed out that these are exactly the features that jeans lack.
    Jeans are often poorly cut and ill fitting.

Now go to your wardrobe and pick a well fitted, colorful, happy outfit an accessory and your tomorrow will look a lot brighter and happier! Scientifically proven!

Oh and you will get compliments on top of that, I guarantee you!