It seems that lately, all I talk about is energy.

I held a workshop on it recently. I wrote a blog post about it last year. My friends and clients all seem to be lacking energy. I myself have slowed down a lot this year and made sure I got enough rest.

And yet… We are still tired, tuckered out, stressed, energy-less.

How come?

Besides all of the above (awareness, stress, slowing down, resting etc) I believe there is one other big enemy:

Energy vampires (as my friend Nicole calls them).

We were talking about them the other day. How some days we just want to stay at home because we cannot face any PEOPLE! Even the nice people who normally give us energy. But we’re all energied out!

So yes, you may be surrounded by energy eating people (vampires) and you need to know who they are. Because you want to be around them as little as possible.

If the biggest energy eater in your life is your kid or your partner, good luck! 🙂 Seriously though, what systems do you need to put in place so they don’t suck you dry? We’re back to the self care and protection above, back to the boundaries that you need to set.

I argued with my friend that I am actually pretty good at dealing with energy vampires. I have boundaries. They are not solid and sometimes they get trespassed, but I am pretty good at putting them back up.

So how come we are still so tired all the time?

Well, I’ve come to realise that the biggest energy vampire very often is ME!

Yup. I eat my own energy 🙂

What? How?

  • by taking on too many things
  • by saying yes too often
  • by overdoing things
  • by wanting things to be perfect
  • by not resting enough
  • by losing track of my intention
  • by feeling guilty if I don’t do what is asked
  • by thinking I have to
  • by DOing, DOing, DOing, instead of simply BEing

I bet that sounds familiar, right?

So if even Miranda can’t get it together, how am I supposed to, you ask?

Well, there is no magic pill for this. It’s an ongoing learning curve.

Because one year we will be able to tackle a lot. And we simply copy paste to the next year and then realise that this year we lack that same amount of energy. For whatever reason. Be it sickness, full moon or just a change in hormones.

Here’s the thing: don’t beat yourself up about it.

Life is about constantly adapting to circumstances.

What does it take this time?

  • Do you need less lists, more rest, some help?
  • Do you need to outsource, say no, do it imperfectly?
  • Do you have to change perspective, let go of expectations, accept to do less?
  • Do you need to eliminate people, habits, things from your life?
  • Do you need to do another vision board, get together with like-minded women, take an online class?

You are the only one who can do this. No fairy or badass witch is going to come flying in to fix this for you.

You need to be your own badass energy guardian and slay those vampires! So get a broom and start sweeping!