As I am writing this, I am sitting in my kitchen, looking out the window to the snowy landscape of my garden.

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up at home, light a fire and read a book.

So today I want to share with you some books that have touched me, differently in their own way.

Happy reading!

This is how it always is

This is how it always is

This book is really one of my favourite recent reads (I listened to the audiobook which is excellent!). Reese Witherspoon agrees with me as she also picked it for her bookclub.

Penn and Rosie have 4 children. All boys. They decide to have another baby and hope for a girl. Along comes Claude, another boy. Very quickly though it becomes clear that Claude is uncomfortable in his skin. He asks to wear dresses, play with dolls and be a princess. His parents indulge, thinking it’s a phase at first. They want Claude to be Claude but are reluctant for him to go out into the world wearing dresses. So they keep it a secret. Which of course comes out and drives them to move away so Claude can become Poppy. The book is about family, secrets, revelations and fairy tales. It is creatively written interweaving the different characters’ point of view and a fairy tale into the amazing life story of Claude/Poppy. It addresses the questions, the misconceptions, the prejudices, the difficulties of family life and the endless love for our children.



This is the story of Sal and her sister Peppa. It’s a story of a broken family, of survival and hope. When things in Sal’s family escalate, she decides to take matteres in hand in order to protect her younger sister. They run away. Sal does everything to protect her sister from ‘the real world’ by trying to let her stay in the innoncence of childhood as much and as long as possible. It’s an adventure. She has it all planned. They go as far into the forest as possible and what first felt like camping soon becomes survival.
The book is told in Sal’s voice which hovers on the fine line between naivete and wisdom. We so want her to suceed!

About my mother

I have mentioned Mike Rowe before. He used to present a program on Discovery called Dirty Jobs. He has a great podcast and an awesome video series on Facebook called Returning the Favour.
He did not write this book. His mother did. She regularly writes letters to her busy son and became famous after Mike read one of her letters in a video. The story is hilarious and revealed a talented and funny writer. People were asking for more. So Mike’s mom obliged and wrote this book about her own mom and their life. It was self published at first but sold out so quickly that publishers finally made it available to larger audiences. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Pars avec lui

Pars avec lui

This book was recommended by a friend and since she has great taste, I ordered it. Wow! What a strong story full of tragedy, hope, love and light. The author manages to create powerful characters and weaves the story around them with details that allow them to stay with us long after the book.
Juliette, a nurse, meets Romeo, a firefighter, in her hospital when he is brought in after a dangerous fall. It may sound like the start of a cheesy love story, but the author brings in Romeo’s sister Vanessa, Juliette’s grandmother Manon and Guillaume, Juliette’s colleague nurse fan of baking and creates a world full of emotions.
After I read it, I immediately ordered another of her books Juste avant le bonheur which I liked even better and totally made me cry!

Her books are translated in other languages so just search for them.


This is my first Cecilia Ahern novel. I read Lyrebird a while ago. Although this book is classified as YA (Young Adult) and could be put into a similar category as the Hunger Games books, I really enjoyed it and even took it with everywhere to read while I was waiting for my kids to finish sports.
Celestine leads a perfect life in a what seems like a futuristic world, with perfect parents and the perfect boyfriend. When she makes an instinctive decision on a bus to help someone, her life is upended and she risks imprisonment.
It tells the story about a judgmental world where we are quick to judge people, point fingers and second chances are not a given.
I have always thought perfection was overrated and that our ‘flaws’ are often what make us unique and special.
This book has a sequel as well and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was turned into a movie at some point soon.

The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

The Endless Practice: becoming who you were born to be

Mark Nepo is a poet, philosopher and cancer survivor. I heard of him through Elizabeth Gilbert when she read a poem of his during her event I attended last year in London. The poem touched me and made me want to read more from him. As poetry is not always an easy read to add to your daily life, I chose this book as it goes well with my coaching practice. When I read ‘spiritual’ or ‘self help’ books, I tend to underline passages I want to keep or use. When I started reading this book I wanted to underline almost everything, thats how precious, beautiful and true the messages are.

Let's Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship

Let’s take the long way home – A memoir of friendship

You know I love all things creative. I love people who talk about creativity, side projects, and basically help people to dig into that well of creativity that each of us have! Creative Pep Talk helps you build a thriving creative career. Andy J. Pizza’s podcast is here to help you find your creative gift, develop it and connect it to the audience that needs it most. And trust me, you do not need to be an artist to need this information! Because your creativity can be in cooking, accounting, cleaning, waitressing etc. Listen in!

Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the crawdads sing

Oh this book was a delight ( listened to the excellent audiobook). We meet Kya, who lives on the North Carolina Coast and who everyone just calls the ‘Marsh girl’. People leave Kya. First her mother walks out. Then her brother. And when her father leaves too, Kya remains in the big house in the Marsh all alone. She learns how to feed herself, sells fish to the local store to makes a little money, finds friends in the gulls and becomes one with the nature she is surrounded with. Two young men from the village enter her life and teach her lessons each in their own way. When one of them ends up dead, everyone suspects Kya.
If you like Barbara Kingsolver books, you will love this one.

A Spark of Light

A spark of light

Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors. Each time a new book is published, I buy it without hesitation. This one was a brilliantly recorded audiobook.
At a women’s reproductive health services clinic in Mississippi, a gunman enters and opens fire.
Picoult then does what she does so well. She packs the book full of different characters: a nurse, a doctor, a pro-life protester disguised as a patient, a cop, a girl who simply wanted to get the pill, her aunt, a patient here to terminate a pregnancy and the shooter himself. And she weaves their lives into the action. At each turn you understand the actions of each one and you get a piece of the whole story.
All of her books are always well researched and develop a topic from all sides so that you are left pondering. Her books always stay with me quite a while after I have finished. This one did too.

I'll give you the sun

I’ll give you the sun

A book by an author I didn’t know yet and yet another book I listened too on audible. I also seem to be having a thing for young adult or coming of age books lately.
Jude and her twin brother Noah as very close. The book alternates between the two voices. Jude is an outgoing, surfing, cliff diving and artistic girl. Noah hides, draws and falls in love with the boy next door. 3 years later things have changed and the twins are barely speaking to each other. Bit by bit we discover what happened and Noah tells the early story whereas Jude relates the later one. The book is full of first love, family, loss and betrayal and the major shifts that can happen at adolescence.