It’s spring! And time for another post on my recently discovered favorite things.

Also, if you have any tips that may fall into this category, I’d be happy if you could share them with me via email or in the comments below!

Let’s share our favorites!

Getaway Deluxe

I am always looking for original places to go on holidays. Lately I seem to have come across a lot of tiny houses, cabins and tree huts 🙂

These cabins are located in Holland and Sweden and look so inviting. So next time you plan a weekend away in nature, why not consider these?

Jane Mount

Jane likes drawing and books. So do I. No wonder I like her blog and book suggestions and colorful drawings. She also has a site called The Ideal Bookshelf which sells book pins and mugs and all things book related and she just published a book called Bibliophile an illustarted guide to all things book related.

Viviva colorsheets

When you’re an artist (or simply like to draw or paint for fun – which is basically the same really) it’s not always easy to take your paints and brushes with you. Either it’s too messy or takes up too much space. Viviva has the solution. They make lovely color sheets that are small, practical and easy to pack away in your handbag or backpack. They allow you to paint on the go wherever you go.

Philips Hue lightstrip

My kids really wanted me to buy this! They are currently fans of putting up lights and bling everywhere. Philips has come up with a low tech solution of adding light just about anywhere without looking tacky or giving you a feeling you entered a disco.

100 things to do Bucket list scratch poster

Are you a fan of bucket lists (ie things to do before you die)? Need a gift for a person that already has everything? Then this is the perfect solution. It’s a scratch poster with 100 ideas for things to do (before you die or just now or anytime reallly). Whenever you do do one, you scratch it off your list (or the poster).

The poster comes in other varieties too:

100 must have seen movies

100 books you must have read


How about a little get together with friends while creating art? No, it’s not my own event and I havent’ tried it myself yet, but it sounds like fun. 3 hours, a glass of champagne, fun people and an artist who helps you create a lovely piece of art to take home. What’s not to like?

Vivo Barefoot shoes

I recently went for lunch with a friend of mine (and reader of this newsletter) and noticed her footwear. She started raving about her new shoes saying how great and comfortable they are and how she only wears these now, and her husband too. I was intrigued and ordered myself a pair and I have to admit I understand the enthusiasm. They are really comfortable and lightweight and after a day of shopping in town I did not feel my usual lower back pain. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors for different uses. Try them! If you follow this link you even get a 30 euros discount.


This website allows you to discover Luxembourg artists and buy their artwork. Some of them expose in Luxembourg city and you can discover them during a little Art on the street walking tour. Browse or subscribe to their magazine to be kept up to date about new and upcoming artists.

Book Fairies

I recently discovered the Book Fairies through an online bookclub that I’m part of. Book fairies exist all over the world. They read a lot of books and then hide them for the next person to find. You too can participate by getting their stickers and start ‘leaving books behind’.

They also exist in Luxembourg!

But what is an even better discovery is the Book Fairy Box. You can order just one or get a subscription of their gift boxes which will always contain lots of goodies, a new book and a second hand book. I received my box last week and LOVED IT.

Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty is the author of Big Little Lies. I discovered her through the series (which has an amazing cast: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz etc) and started reading her books and fell in love. So far none of them have disappointed me. She is a master at describing personalities, dissecting lives and turning the ordinary upside down. The audiobooks are brilliant as well!