This little game is called Touchpoints.

Split people into teams of 5-6 people.

Explain to them what a touch point is: each point that touches the ground.

For example: one person standing = two feet = 2 touchpoints.

So six people standing would be twelve touchpoints. Six people with feet on the ground and each putting their fingertips down is 72 touchpoints.

You will now give them a number which, as a group, they have to turn into touchpoints.

The first number should be high and not too difficult to do (example 72) so that they have to use as many fingers etc as possible. The number should not be too high so as to make it unattainable.

The fastest team in turning the number into group touchpoints gets a point.

Then give them another, lower number (example 23), but high enough to make them calculate.

Again the faster team makes a point.

Then give them a lower number than their total feet. Example: if they are 6, give them 7.

And the last number you give them should be very challenging: like 1 or 3. This will make them panic a little. They will all want to sit on a table for example. But a table has 4 legs, i.e. 4 touchpoints!

Before doing this exercise, make sure there is something in the room that allows them to carry out the challenge.

Winning team gets a little prize (ex. candy to share with the group)

Good for: energising the group, wake-up after lunch. teamworking…

Running time: 5-10 minutes (depending on the size of the group)