Let’s say your meeting is about your sales targets.

Start your session with this little exercise:

State the issue:       Target

Get participants to write a list of words that they immediately associate with the word.

  • center
  • crime
  • bulls eye
  • miss
  • shoot
  • bow and arrow
  • run
  • etc

Now you go back and, for each word, you do a list of associations once again. This time however, you associate to each previous word, not the original.

So for center this might look like this:

center -> earth -> planet -> space -> unknown
(so instead of associating each from the original word ‘center’, you associate from each newly found word)

Repeat for each of the words, then see what the associations suggest.

So from the above string, one could come with ideas such as:

  • instead of setting individual sales targets, try running a quarter without telling sales people what their targets are and see what happens

Use flip charts and different color pens. Works best in teams of 3-4 people per flip chart.
Play upbeat, non-vocal music in the background.
Running time: 20-30 minutes