Everyone is born creative.

Not everyone is able to remain creative.

Education and school is what happens.
We learn how to comply, fit into a mould, align, compromise.
We are formed by peer pressure, wrong answers, judgements and nasty comments.
We compare ourselves to others and form our opinion according to that.
We think that failure is bad and thus stop taking risks.
We don’t want to come across as ‘not knowing’ and stop asking questions.

And at some point we say about ourselves ‘I am not creative’.

And thus the world has lost something very important: your creative and unique input. In whatever area that is.

This is what I keep telling people: Creativity is NOT art. Not only. Creativity is EVERYWHERE.

You can be creative as a waitress, as an accountant, as a teacher, scientist or house wife.

It’s all in the HOW you do things, not so much what you do.

So over the years I have written many articles about creativity. What it is, where it can be found, where you need to look, how you can be creative, tips and tricks.

I have followed and given trainings on all sorts of creativity: painting, creative thinking, team building, brainstorming etc.

And at some point I decided to put it all together in a course.

And that is what is in front of you now.


It is an online course made for EVERYONE.

It’s online and can be easily accessed at any time from any device.

It last for one entire year and gives you weekly lessons on the different aspects of creativity and how to add it into your daily life by giving you tips and tricks, asks thought provoking questions, triggers your defaults and blocks, creates awareness and gives you a little exercise for practicing what you learned each week.

It is low tech, low key and totally do-able!

And it’s available to you now!

Besides the weekly lessons, there are links to more reading or playing material. You connect with other students of the class and you can ask me any questions you want over the course of the year.

What’s not to like?

I promise you that over the year that you take this course, creativity will make its way into your daily life. And thus you will become more creative. I say more, because you really already are. I’m just helping you by pushing a few buttons and giving you a few tricks.

I hope you join me on this year of creative adventures!!!

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