After summer, whether you have been away on holidays or not, something changes.You need to get back to work.

Kids to back to school.

It’s getting chilly in the morning so you need to turn the heating on.

Days are getting shorter and it’s dark when you get up in the morning. So you may feel a bit blue. Yearn for the beach, the barbecue evenings int the garden, the days of not wearing a watch, weeks without checking your emails.

Here are a few tips on how to ease back into your life after summer.

Do not schedule anything for at least a week.

After returning from holidays, or during the first week of school, make sure you have nothing planned that isn’t absolutely vital. No hairdresser appointment, no quick meeting with friends, no business trip…

Keep this week as low level and low tech as possible. It will allow you to smooth the transition from one rhythm into another.

Do only one thing a day.

And by one thing I mean one important thing. Do not plan 3 or 4 things. Choose one.

Book your next holiday.

Seriously. Or at least research it 🙂 Looking forward to something is half the happiness.

Create the holiday feeling at home.

Camp in the living room on the weekend. Sleep with the kids in one bed. Watch the holiday pictures with them and let them recount the days. Put some seashore or mountain soundtrack as background music.

Make lists.

Empty your head onto lists. A shopping list for school, a list of things that need to be done, a list of appointments to schedule. A head that does not have to remember all those little things is much lighter, like on holidays where there are no lists.


Whenever things come up that try to throw you, breathe. Usually they don’t need to be taken care of immediately. Postpone them on purpose. Put them in your agenda for later that week. Those bills: schedule their payment in for Friday. Those school supplies: it’s not that terrible if the kids are missing a few items the first few days.

Get back into your routine.

Slowly get back to doing the things you were doing before summer slowed everything down. Get back on track with your fitness. Schedule the necessary appointments (doctors, hairdresser, massage, etc) until next summer.

Look forward.

The leaves are slowly turning, fires can be lit in the living room soon, evenings will be spent snuggling on the couch, weekends will be spent hiking through the woods. Look forward to those things. Before you know it’s Christmas and you can start looking forward to spring 🙂

Be early.

I just ordered my 2020 calendar. I also already started ordering a few gifts for Christmas. Anything you can do early now keeps you from being stressed about it later.