Are you stressed?
If you are, what creates the most stress in your life?

Your bills and the lack of money?

Your partner? Your kids?

Your health and looks?

Your job you don’t like anymore? Your boss?

Trust me, they are not the reason for your stress.

The main cause of your stress comes from the fact that you know what to do about it but don’t do anything.

And hence you become your own worst enemy.

But fact is that your INACTION to change the situation is the number one reason for your stress.

I believe that YOU ALWAYS KNOW what is good for you.

You always know what you should do in any occasion. In fact, you know very well that when you are not sure about something, it’s your instinct, your intuition trying to send you a message. When something is right, you are not asking yourself questions, you simply do it. So if you are asking yourself questions, it means that something is not right for you.

The problem is not that you ignore it when something is good or not good for you. The problem is that you do not do anything when something is bad for you.

Some examples:


In order to become healthier or feel better in your body, you know that you need to eat healthier food, get regular exercise. You start, you try, but you don’t pull through. So the stress is not caused by your health or your body, but by your inaction to do what is necessary. If you ACT, your stress will disappear.


You may have a person in your life that causes you stress because of his/her negative attitude. Realize that your stress is not caused by that person, but by your inaction to do something about it. ACT, Change the relationship, remove the person from your life and your stress will disappear.


Every month, you have difficulties to pay your bills. Know that the lack of money is not causing your stress but your inaction to take the necessary steps to spend less money or find an additional income. ACT and your stress will disappear.


You are stressed because you do not like your job. You do not like some colleagues, the traffic jams to and from work, your insufficient salary… Your stress does not come from your work, but from your inaction to do something about it. Find a different job, change the one you have, reduce some of the negative points (car-pool, change office…), start your own business and that stress will be gone.If you have started your own business, you may be stressed because you have an incompetent employee. You should let him/her go, but you don’t. It is not the employee that causes the stress, but your inaction about him/her. ACT, do something about it and your stress will disappear.

To summarize:

–  Take your responsibilities

–  Stop blaming external things, situations or people for your misfortune

–  Realize that your INACTION is the number one reason for the stress in your life.

Of course, ACTION means another kind of stress. Often cause by or mingled with FEAR.

But ACTION means movement and stress in movement disappears once you’ve moved away from the situation.

Stress in inaction means it’s not going anywhere and will remain.

So which do you prefer?