Integration is all about creating conscious, new habits and practices that are in line with your intention.

It is the opposite of being on auto-pilot.

Remember thestory about the woman in the Italian gelateria who couldn’t decide what flavour she wanted? I use this example to help women see that they don’t have to live life reacting to everything in overwhelm mode. You can live with intention and BE who you want to be.

I described the first two Create Your Life steps earlier:

  • Step 1, Intention is all about getting clear on where you Are (point A) and where you want to Be (point B)
  • Step 2, Elimination, is all about clearing the obstacles to your BE level.
  • Step 3, Integration, is about staying clear and putting a solid foundation in place

Reflecting back on the gelateria, imagine yourself there again amongst all those 50 flavours. You have taken the step to get clear about what you really want. Based on that clarity (intention), you have narrowed down your options to two flavours (elimination), and now you’re easily able to choose the one flavour that will make your taste buds dance and soul sing.

It feels great to know how to make an authentic choice. And now the process seems so simple. That’s the power of the Create Your Life steps.

So what will you do the next time you go to the gelateria? Or, what if it’s a new restaurant instead? Or a decision about career change? Or a more complex life issue?

You may be feeling some self-doubt creeping in. “OK, I was able to figure it out that one time, but I’m not sure I can keep doing it so easily in other areas of my life.”

That’s where the third Create Your Life Step (of four) comes in: Integration. After you’ve done the work to get clear about your intention and eliminate the clutter that drains the energy you need to move forward, Integration is the foundation that makes this shift a permanent part of the way you live your life.

The danger is that, without attention, this space can quickly get filled with negativity, old habits, and energy drainers instead of the positive fuel you need to keep moving forward.
How can you stay clear and positive during this phase?

  • Create Rituals: Focus energy every day on knowing when to be GRATEFUL, noticing when you RECEIVE something, and recognizing what you’ve LEARNED. Start daily rituals that address all three. This can include a daily gratitude journal, affirmations, and expressing intentions at various times in your day. Filling your space with these positive new habits leaves less room for the negative ones.
  • Say NO: With clarity, the stuff that no longer works for you becomes clear. You will find that you are less tolerant of going along with it “just because”. In order to honour your dreams and priorities, you need to say NO. I understand that this is hard for a lot of women. Don’t let that stop you. You need to know your NO so the Universe can give you your YES.
  • Focus on Abundance: As you move toward your desired life, you must learn to believe that abundance is available for you. Do not let yourself doubt that you deserve the life that is in line with your intention. Or that you can’t achieve it for some reason (this is limited thinking and will stop you in your tracks). Believe in your success.

Integration is about staying out of auto-pilot.  

To move from REACTING to your life to CREATING it, all you need to do is move the C, or the way you SEE things, your awareness. Once you have integrated these tools into your life, you are ready to take action.

Create Your Life step number four is ACTION. In the next post, I’ll highlight how to give legs to your intention.

Until then, I invite you to embrace your power to create a life that feels inspiring and fulfilling to you, whatever that looks like.

If you prefer to be supported in this process by a small group of wonderful women who share your desire to get clear, eliminate, and integrate so you can act on your intention, join us at one of our next Create Your Life workshops.

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