During my Create your Life workshops, after the women have set their intentions, they are looking at the road ahead: how do I get there?

And that road is filled with obstacles. Otherwise they’d already be there, right?
Often enough they don’t know what these obstacles are and during the Create Your Life Steps I help them to not only identify them but also eliminate them.

Clutter is a big issue. Clutter comes in all kinds of shapes and forms.

Clutter can be physical (objects, gadgets, souvenirs, stuff you keep in the basement, the box you keep moving each time and never actually open…), mental (thoughts, guilt, undone or overdue emails/letters/calls…).

But people can be part of the clutter scene as well. When you are trying to uplevel from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be, your intention, your vision, your goal), you are changing. Which often means that certain people will start to no longer fit in your life. The complaining, nagging, negative people are usually the first to go.

Getting rid of clutter can be very overwhelming, especially in the beginning. But after a while, it becomes necessary, uplifting, effortless and freeing. It’s like going to the gym or starting to run. In the beginning it takes (a lot of) effort, motivation and kicking your own butt. But after a while you start craving those endorphins.

Well let me tell you that there are clutter endorphins as well. Yes!

I started this year with a serious declutter craving. I hadn’t really been in my painting studio much the past 6 months. No motivation, no inspiration, just pure 2018 lethargy. Then again, I hadn’t looked at and cleared the space since I moved in 4 years ago. So things had accumulated, got stacked on top of each other, could no longer be found.

So during the last few days of the Christmas holidays, and after decluttering my freezer (which gave me this absolutely awesome feeling of freedom and space) I decided to tackle my studio.

2 days and many giveaway facebook ads later, my studio is now again a nice, clear, inviting space that I want to be in. And the result? I have finished the first painting for 2019!

A new start

If you too want to start on a new path, create your intention and eliminate clutter from your life, I have just the right workshops for you.

Vision boards       

For some additional inspiration of what decluttering can do, give Graham Hill five minutes to tell you how less clutter makes you happier.