Most of my blog posts started out as discussions with my friends, struggles my clients are facing or things I have liked and learned myself and feel the need to share.

The other day, I had such a discussion with a friend about a struggle. And I thought: ‘I will write a blog post about that’. And then I thought: ‘Wait, I already HAVE a blog post about that!’ Funny that.

So today I thought I’d share some past posts with you just in case you find yourself in a certain situation. Enjoy!

You feel stuck –  get a change of perspective.

You struggle – try effortless living.

You are unhappy – create a powerful circle, dress yourself happy, make a love list, give yourself a happiness boost and read up on it some more.

You don’t feel sexy right now – get some tips on how to be sexy.

You are stressedfind some inner peace and learn how to slow down.

You feel lonelyfind your tribe and create meaningful friendships.

You have no energy – know your energy eaters and fix those energy leaks.

You have too much clutterget rid of clutter, get rid of more clutter and find out how less stuff makes you happier.

You are lost or overwhelmedget clarity and start setting your intention.

You lack creativityadd it to your daily life, create little habits or attend one of my painting workshops.

You feel emotionallearn how to deal with your emotions.

You are unhealthyfind ways to be healthy again

You worry a lot – here’s how to worry less.

You are scaredwhat of? and how to deal with it.

You are in midlife – is it a crisis?grow through it.

You blame others – read up on your ability to respond.

You are angryhonour it.


If you feel that something is not on this list or you are struggling with a particular situation/feeling/question, please let me know! I love to get inspired to write a about it!