Indecision and Overwhelm. Can You Relate?

That’s what I asked when I introduced the story of the Italian gelateria. Remember the woman who couldn’t decide what she wanted?

It’s a theme that so many women experience. Too many choices. Too much pressure. Too many people to be responsible to (and for). Too many tasks hanging over your head. Too many deadlines. Too many details. Simply too much. So much so that even the smallest decision or question – like “what kind of ice cream would you like?” can make you either feel like shrinking away or screaming.

Imagine turning that story around and instead, going from REACTIVE (overwhelm) to CREATIVE (power).   At the gelateria (or a restaurant when you’re deciding what type of salad dressing you want, a coffee shop, or any other situation where you have to make a decision from a wide range of choices) you can walk in feeling prepared and ready to take action that reflects who you are and what you really want.

You don’t have to give in to pressure from all the external sources (family, staff, other customers, etc.) to do something you don’t want.

You don’t have to put everyone else’s needs and wants first (even if they really want you to and you feel obligated because it’s your apparent “role”).

You don’t have to settle (in the story, settling was called Vanilla).

You don’t have to follow along just to fit in (remember the desire to tell colleagues that she’s been there, done that?).

The question is, are you ready to change your story of overwhelm and indecision into a structured approach to reducing frustration and creating your best life? Are you ready to flourish? If so, it’s time to embrace Clarity and Intention.

Here’s what I have learned (from Oprah): “Intention rules the world.” And intention can be learned.

Knowing what you want and being clear are the two foundations of creating a life you want. When you have clarity, you can set your intentions and move in a direction that YOU CHOOSE. Rather than going with the flow and spending years doing things that don’t really matter to you (or that drain your energy), clarity and intention allow you to create your own life.

That’s why I created my Create Your Life Retreats and Coaching Program. The first Create Your Life Step (of four) is Intention. The process of gaining clarity and stating your intention includes:

  • Ways to Get Clear:Even if you feel that you have no idea what you want, I believe that deep down, you do. It’s a matter of letting go of all the clutter and creating space for your true desires to surface. Focus on small manageable timeframes, consider what you don’t want, tap into your feelings, discover the little things that make you happy, and rest.
  • Clear Language:When you actively create your life, there’s no room for wishy washy language. Use active words in the present tense. For example, turn “Well, I’m kind of unhappy with my job. I should probably quit, but then again, I don’t know what I’d do” into “I am leaving my job because I am not happy with it. I need a time out to think about where I want to go.”
  • Daily Habit of Intention:Start your day with intention. Instead of grumbling out of bed or immediately thinking about your long “to do” list, take a moment to set a clear intention for your day. Imagine how you want to feel. See a successful and positive day in your mind’s eye. Then build on it through the day.

These are a few ways to start gaining clarity so you can create intention in your life. After you clarify your Intention, you will be able to Eliminate the obstacles that appear on route to your desired future. Elimination is the critical next Create Your Life step.

Most of us are not used to living with such clarity. It’s scary to really step into your full creative power. That’s why it sometimes helps to have support and guidance from people who are not intimately connected to the end result.

Thinking back to the Italian gelateria, what if, after you gained clarity, you realized that what you really wanted was a taste of something exotic and divine that speaks to the adventurous side of you. It’s Pina Colada ice cream that you really wanted (as you imagine relaxing on that tropical beach you’ve always dreamed of going to). That old standby Vanilla just won’t be good enough anymore!

I invite you to embrace your power to create a life that feels inspiring and fulfilling to you, whatever that looks like. You deserve nothing less!

If you prefer to be supported in this process by a small group of wonderful women who share your desire to get clear and live with more intention, join us at one of the next Create your Life Workshops.

If you prefer individual support, contact me for more information on coaching.