I’m no Oprah, but I like to share my favourite things with my readers. These favourites posts are often my most read and reacted to posts.
So, today is a special selection because Christmas is around the corner (yes it is!) and we are all looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones.

Moleskine agenda

I love paper. And I still use a paper agenda. Moleskine has been by my side for many many years and this edition is my favorite one. It has a soft cover so it’s bendy. It has one week on the left page and a notes pages on the right side which allows to see the week in one glance and write any to do’s and reminders on the right page. I carry it inside of this clutch which is perfect for adding pens, papers, business cards, address book etc.

Led Strips

My 11 year old is a gamer and wanted to spruce up his computer area in his room. These Led Strips come in different lengths, are easy to stick to a wall and offer different colors. I am sure they would be appreciated by non 11 year olds too!


If you don’t know what to offer your creative (or wanna-be creative) friend, then Creativebug is the solution. They offer high quality online classes on just about anything creative and crafty (art and design, quilting, knitting, paper, painting, food and home, jewellery etc). The classes are given by known artists in their field and are really fun and easy to follow. You can choose gift subscriptions of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Machines like me (Ian McEwan)

Ian McEwan is known for bestsellers such as Atonement and On Chesil Beach (which were also turned into movies). In his novels, relationships, in all their complications and unforeseen ups and downs, are often at the forefront. Machines like me is no different. Adam is an artificially intelligent synthetic human owned by Charlie, a thirty-something who is drifting through London in the eighties without a real goal or enthusiasm in life. Together with his neighbour Miranda, he co-programs Adam’s personality traits and after a while a love triangle forms. McEwan expertly looks at all angles of the question: what makes us human. It was a thrilling read and I could not put it down.

Apeman action camera

My sons wanted a GoPro camera. So they could film their motor- and mountain biking, play around with it, make videos for Youtube and so on. I do not have those kinds of budgets so I searched around for alternatives. And this nifty little thing came around most tests as the best option. I must say it offers a lot of similar features, comes very well equipped and works perfectly well. My kids are happy and have used it many times.

Bookfairy Box

I have been a Bookfairy for about a year now. Bookfairies love to gift books. They not only put them in public places for you to find, but they also offer a one off or book package subscription with two books each time (one new, one second-hand) and full of other surprises an avid reader will love. I bought the one off package firs, fell in love and am now a subscriber.


If you’ve always wanted to get a tattoo but never dared to, Tattly is your solution. My kids and I love their temporary tattoos which come in colourful kids selections as well as metallic bracelets or black inspirational words/quotes. They even have glow in the dark ones! All tattoos are designed by real artists who get a cut in each sale, safe and non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink.
What’s not to love?

Cream by Val

I received this necklace from a dear friend and wear it all the time. It reminds me of my tribe (of women friends) and my family. Besides necklaces for each and every person or occasion (Godmother, birthday, dog lover…) they also have earrings, rings, gemstones and other accessories.


My friend at Domino.lu  regularly posts new design finds on instagram that she sells in her shop. Besides a huge selection of toys, the shop also has a lot of gifts and design objects. She recently posted a design cup with a word on it that I loved and will go buy when I get into the city. The great (design) thing about this cup is that you can buy accessories to turn it into a candle holder.
So if you are looking for a last minute local place to find what you need, they are located in rue Louvigny in town.


As you may know, I have two e-courses that you can take online.

One is called 21 days to Happiness and is all about creating happiness in the small every day things in your life through habits and tricks.

The other is called The Creative Year and is a year long journey to add creativity to your every day life. Because creativity is not creating a huge paintings. It’s in everything you do.

You can now gift these online courses to your friends and family. Click on the below links to purchase the gift vouchers.

Gift Voucher – 21 Days to Happiness (12 euros)

Gift Voucher – The Creative Year (24 euros)