When you have kids (or pets, or parents, or a collection of them all), you take a lot of photos. They are memories of some great times! And you want to remember them.

Back in the old days you would print them and stick them in an album. In the age of digital, this has supposedly become easier. That is of course arguable. Because there are so many options out there and some of them often require you to hire a nerd to manage your way through.

So today, I want to share a few creative ideas I have discovered to keep those moments alive elsewhere than on your computer.

Every 3-5 months I create a photo album at Photoservice. This task can be very overwhelming, so I break it down into small tasks.
– create folder for the next album (ex. Kids Nov-Dec 2017)
– regularly drag photos in there that you particularly like
– start album online, choose design, model etc – save
– choose automatic filling and then reshuffle afterwards
– once a week, commit to doing 3-4 pages with comments and layout

If the above photobook creation is too complicated or time consuming for you, I have found the ideal solution. Journi is an app which allows you to immediately create a photobook from your phone (ie no need for transferring photos onto computer and then website). It creates the book for you and even adds dates and maps to it if you want. I recently ordered one from them (they are based in the Alps!) and the book was created within 10 minutes and shipped to me within a week. Simple! Wonderful!

I love Ixxi, because it lets you create a collage of your own photos, decompose one picture into pixels, make wall art of a painter’s masterpiece… The possibilities are endless. The advantage is that you can change and replace the photos as you wish.

If you use Instagram you have to know Printstagram. They will print your photos as a little calendar, framed picture or other little gimmicks. Each book has 24 photos and 3 only cost 10$. They magnet together or to your fridge. Lovely as a giveaway for a wedding or birthday party.

My favorite way to keep recent holidays with me is the Photo Mosaic maker. You simply choose the size of rows and colums, upload your photos (from your computer, Facebook or Flickr), done. You can then save the mosaic and make it your screensaver or background image of your computer.

There are numerous ways of hanging your photos or even your kids artwork. Here are just two (click on the pictures to follow the link to the website). You can use it as a chandelier, or as a separation wall in a room. Glue your photos or kids’ paintings on black poster board paper to create a homogeneous look.

Art on a wire.

Ikea has always had good ideas in the kids department. Hanging up photos or art like clothes on a line is one of the most simple ideas ever. Fits anywhere and even kids can do it themselves.
If you don’t want to spend a day at Ikea, you can simply put up some string and hang your artwork up with clothespins.

I am sure you have some pant hangers in your closet. Here is an alternative use for them

Clipboard art

You can create a very beautiful wall with clipboards. They allow for easy changing of your offspring’s artwork or photos.

Turn your art or photos into tea towels

Scan or take a picture of your child’s art and upload it or any other photo to Giftskins. They turn it into custom wrapping paper.

At Spoonflower you can upload your own artwork or photos and they create wonderful fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap for you.

I love Tonki! They have developed an ingenious cardboard folding system (similar to a pizza box) and will print your arwork or photos on it. It comes delived flat and you simply fold it up into a 3D cardboard box that looks really cool on any wall. Whether it’s your kid’s artwork, your holiday photos or inspirational quotes, it is a great way to create a photo wall in your home. They can be hung but also folded to put on a shelf.

Society6 really is my alltime favorite shop for personalised gifts. From notebooks and pouches over yoga pants and shower curtains to tote bags and bedlinen the possibilities are endless to display your artwork or creative photos. The quality is top notch and they often have free world wide delivery. Have a look at my shop to see what I have created with my paintings.