Only 14 more Fridays until Christmas… What?????


So for those of you who are early preparers and shoppers, below is a pre-pre-pre Christmas list of ideas.

For all the others, it’s just a list of my favorite things in case it’s someone’s birthday or because you simply want to make someone (or yourself) happy.

Canopy and Stars

Glamping locations you will want to reserve right away. From tree hut, over canal boat and deserted mountain huts to renovated buses. This site really inspires you to travel to location and sleep differently.


You know how autocorrect goes on your nerve when you type emails or messages? And you know how it’s hard to type on a small screen with a few fingers? Well, in comes Swiftkey. It makes texting so much easier and faster and more intuitively. Because instead of clicking each letter you basically drag your finger across the keyboard and voila, the word is there. It even suggest words that might come after the one you just typed. And even in two languages. What’s not to love?

The Skimm

I’m not a fan of the news. It’s usually bad and a lot of it is pretty useless. In comes The Skimm. It claims to give you all the news and info you need in 5 minutes every morning. Too good to be true? Try it for yourself. I don’t read it every day, but when I do I find the articles well informed and witty. All I needed to know in a nutshell.


I may have mentioned that I recently started meditating. I have tried a few times in the past and this little app helped me stick with it this time. It starts you out with the basics for free. Daily 10 minutes of guided meditations with no frills. Little animations explains what’s going on in your head and every day you learn a little more. Try it! see if it sticks.


I have been faithful to my Moleskine calendar for years, but when I saw this I was seriously considering straying…

These planners can be customized in style and color and they come with lots of interesting gadgets like stickers and such. What’s not to love?

Fuckupnights – Sharing business failures publicly

What’s so great about boldly celebrating our worst blunders?

A lot, it turns out.

You can organise them yourself, attend one in your area and learn all there is to learn about failure.

Napflix tv

We all know the feeling of insomnia. Your body wants to sleep but your mind is still awake and active.

So how can we steady up our mind?

Napflix is a video platform where you can find the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep.


Like with my agenda, I am true to my handbag. It was made by my lovely friend at vankdesign. However, when another dear friend and I met for dinner one night, was sporting one of these bags and told me they are customizable I had to check them out. Customizable? Huh? Yes they are. Choose your size, your trims, your handles and your inserts to create the bag that you like.


Woodmap is what is says: a wooden map. They make beautiful and sustainable maps that are printed on wood and on which you can hammer your pins of places you have visited. Hammer is free 🙂


Create your own time capsule of a memorable moment. Write a letter, add a photo, set a date…and send it off to the future and surprise your future self!
You can also read your letters from the past, as well as the “public, but anonymous” letters recently delivered from the past to other FutureMe users.
See? Time travel actually isn’t all that hard!


Vintage printable provides vintage images, mostly scientific or naturalist illustrations, for you to print on your printer at home – free, and no registration. This is quite a site for inspiration if you paint or draw or are into mixed media art.


Absolut Art is the destination to discover, access, and own contemporary wall art by promising and prominent artists from around the world.

From discovering the perfect artwork to displaying it with ease, this site helps you upgrade your walls with curated contemporary art from around the world. Seamless for you, sustainable for artists, and fun for all.

Good News App (English)

Lately I have been so fed up with the news that I have stopped watching it altogether. And you know what? Life goes on and I am not really missing a thing.

I was wondering why there never was someone who started a Good news channel. Well, apparently two unrelated companies did and turned it into an app full of daily snippets of news that will make you smile.


Want to go camping? Don’t have the gear? Don’t want to lug a tent around while hiking?
Geardropper lets you rent any kind of camping equipment and drops it at European campsites where you need it. You choose a destination and a pick up point and then select the gear that you need. Et voila! You’re ready to go.


Truedoors is a wonderful social project. They help people with dementia to be more autonomous by creating doors that they will recognize. Any care facility is usually very neutral and sterile with all halls and doors looking the same. No wonder patients get lost. Having your own door designed allows them to feel right at home and never be lost again.