Yes, I know, you’ve only just received my Favorite Things Christmas special.

And you probably do not have any more money nor need for more things.

But just in case it’s someone’s birthday or because you simply want to make someone happy, I have another collection of things I have come across recently that I really liked.

Chasing Paper

I love decorating and re-decorating. So I am a fan of removable decoration items I can play with. Wallpaper was never such a thing. Until Chasing Paper. They have not only removable wallpaper, but also great wall art and stickers with which you can instantly change a wall or a room.

Mood Meter App

This app helps you build emotional intelligence. You use it how and when you like to indicate your mood. It teaches you nuances of feelings, gives you insights about your inner life and helps you regulate your feelings. It helps you create awareness. And as we all now, any change starts with awareness.


Groupmuse is like Airbnb for music concerts. You can share the great masterpieces of music with old and new friends — in your living room and throughout your city. You can attend or host a groupmuse but you can also sign up as a musician to get your music known to a public that can book you.


You know I love a good road trip. I like how the planning is part of the whole vacation feeling and anticipation. I recently came across this nifty little app which lets you indicate departure and arrival and any stops in between and it gives you distances, places to sleep and things to do in the area. Now planning has become even easier!

Tate Kids

The Tate musuem is one of my favorite museums. I want to take my kids there soon. In the meantime, you can let them play and be creative online. There are games, videos and creative prompts to try out. It’s also great for parents who are looking for ideas.


Radiooooo is the wonderful musical time machine that allows you to travel through space and time!

Pick a country, pick a decade and let yourself get carried away by the most beautiful musical collection in the world.

It exists as website and app.

Enjoy and bon voyage!

Liberty bottles

I love a good water bottle. To take with me on a hike, to yoga or just to work or in my car.

Liberty bottles are solid and have a story. Plus, they interest me as an artist because you can custom make your own bottles. So why not upload your kid’s drawing for his own personal water bottle to take to school?