It’s spring! And time for another post on my recently discovered favorite things.

Also, if you have any tips that may fall into this category, I’d be happy if you could share them with me via email or in the comments below!

Let’s share our favorites!

Our Nature

Our Nature is an online magazine about our nature and how to be human beings instead of human doings. Going from doing to being.

Nature is not only outside of your front door, we ourselves are part of nature. Yet we sometimes get tempted to act against or own nature, usually resulting in stress and discontent.

Living according to your nature usually requires insights and adjustments. This website shares knowledge, personal experiences, and observations.

The Slate

I’ve never gotten around to using online drawing tools. I like paper and pencils. With the Slate, you can now draw on paper with your favorite pencils and your creations instantly come to life on your screen via Bluetooth or USB.
The pleasure of paper, the magic of digital, finally united.

Local Hideaways

Local Hideaways stands for authentic, small, uniqueand unusual places to stay, worldwide. Special places which you actually want to keep for yourself, so as not to have it overrun with guests.

This website helps you locate your perfect place for an unequalled holiday. All of the places were visited by the blogger herself. The only thing left to do once you have made your selection is book, go and enjoy!

Prescription Lab – La Box

We have all heard of subscription boxes. They exist for art, design objects, food etc. Now you can also subscribe to a surprise box every month for beauty products. Prescription Lab has it’s own brand and each month you will discover one of their products as well as another product of their brand partners plus the magazine. What’s not to like?


If you are like me, then you like art supplies. I cannot go into a store without buying things I didn’t come for 🙂 I love to discover new things. That’s where Artsnacks comes in. They will send you curated boxes of unique, high-quality art supplies that inspire you to create. You will discover new products before the hit the stores. There is a monthly subscription for general art supplies, a quarterly subscription for hand lettering and a box geared towards watercoloring.

Simplify Magazine

Simplify Magazine is a quarterly, digital publication that pulls together experts in various fields to address some of the most pressing needs of the modern family.

6$ for one issue or only 20$ for lifetime access.

Topics like Declutter Your Life, Overcoming Busy or Technology cater to all kinds of issues we have as families.

It’s useful, beautiful and a great read in today’s world of information overflow.


You know from past Miranda’s Favorites that I like to find creative ways to display my pictures. I have found another one. Clicher is an app that allows you to simply use the photos from your phone to create not only prints (love their velvet prints) but also original photo boxes. Check them out!

Open Culture

Open Culture claims to be the Best Free Cultural and Educational Media on the Web. And I must admit that it has a ton of free online courses from the world’s leading universities —  Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 45,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now.

So how about getting smarter in Architecture, Art, Philosophy, Design, Economics, History, Journalism, Languages, Literature, Music etc.?

The Little Voyager

I am always on the lookout for special vacation destinations. And they have to be kid-friendly. The Little Voyager is full of tips on destinations and properties. They can also book these for you and even give you personalised service. Why not head on over and get inspired?


I recently came across this flights search engine and found myself a roundtrip Brussels New York for 230 euros including luggage. Now that is what I call a great price I did not find on sites like Skyscanner or even my beloved Rome2Rio. So makes sure you use them as well when you search for flights and even hotels for your next trip!

Tripbook Florina

Whenever I go on holidays with my kids, we like to keep souvenirs. So far we kept them in plastic folders.

Up comes this little book: it’s a little travel journal with all the space you need for everything you collect during your trips: notes, sketches, coins, stamps, maps, photos, postcards, receipts etc.

Collect your memories. Keep your vacations alive. Conserve your holidays.