It’s summer! And time for another post on my recently discovered favorite things.

Also, if you have any tips that may fall into this category, I’d be happy if you could share them with me via email or in the comments below!

Let’s share our favorites!

La Kube

I love subscription services. I have in the past tried and loved Not Another Bill which sends you design gifts. I am currently subscribed to Hellofresh which sends me all ingredients and recipes I need to cook a healthy and easy meal for my family.

I have recently discovered La Kube, which is a subscription service for (French) books. You sign up and indicate your literary preferences (which you can change each month) and then a real person selects a book for you, packages it nicely with some additional gifts like bookmarks, tea and other book lover items. It’s 15 euros a month and you can cancel anytime. They also have Kube for kids.

I am giving you a 5 euro reduction if you sign up through this link.


Lifebox is a fantastic way to discover the latest healthy food & drink, ingredients & supplements to kick start or enhance a healthy lifestyle. All of their boxes, which you can either buy, gift or subscribe to are guaranteed UK based, refined sugar free, organic, GMO free, raw, vegan, sustainable, fair-trade, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and contain no preservatives or additives.

I personally love the energy box…hint hint…


Complements pairs chocolate and design. Yes! You can now order a box of chocolates that are modular both in flavour and in shape.
I love it when two things get combined in a creative way. Not sure how long you will be able to ‘play’ with these blocks before they get devoured…

Atlas Obscura

This is my favourite find this season. I am surprised I never heard of it!

Atlas Obscura shows you the world as you’ve never seen it. It is full of curious and wondrous travel destinations. So next time you are somewhere (even just your home town), you key in your destination or location and the Atlas will show you unusual, curious and originals places, stories, events and even trips.

When I entered my hometown I found some very interesting locations nearby that I had actually never heard of.

I find it absolutely fascinating!


Ever thought that wrapping paper is boring? But that you are also not the crafty kind to make a nice packaging for a gift yourself?

In comes Wrappu! It has a selection of differently shaped and sized packages and boxes that fit anything you would like to fit wrap. A pouch, a prism, a pyramid and a case. In different colours and with different labels. Yay to personalisation!

Similarly, and already mentioned in one of my earlier favourites posts, Spoonflower lets you design your own gift wrapping paper (or wallpaper, or fabric) with images or photos of yours for example.

Vit tel ta nature

I am always on the lookout for original vacation or weekend locations. Especially when they are nearby. I have discovered one that is not only nearby (Vittel) but also offers a dream come true, bucket list experience: sleeping in a cabin in and among the trees. It’s an alternative holiday ‘resort’ created by the commune with a cooperative of people. Besides the original housing, the park focuses on renewable energies and organic meals.

You can see a video here. It opened on 15 July this year!

Camping Lievelinge

You know I like camping. I have been wild camping and I have been glamping.

My next stop will definitely be this camping in Holland because it is somewhere in the middle and above all has some seriously cool rentals like an old schoolbus, a double decker, a yurt and a glass house. Fun fun fun!