On bending a spoon

I may have told you before that I was in London recently, attending a workshop by the famous Elizabeth Gilbert (she wrote Eat, Pray, Love).

And after that workshop I flew on to Dallas to meet my wonderful friend Laura, who I knew had attended on of Elizabeth Gilbert’s workshops, this one however with the equally famous Martha Beck.

So Laura told me that Martha made the whole room bend spoons.

And I was like: what???

So Laura showed me.
And I tried.
And I couldn’t.
And I sat with it.
And the next morning I bend the spoon.
And when I got home I got my kids to bend spoons too.

It was such an experience, so simple and pure and effortless that I wanted to share it with you.
So please be invited to the next Women, Wine and Wisdom evening which will be all about bending spoons.

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