The other day I had an epiphany! I had the striking realisation that I am at the right place at the right moment, that what I do makes sense and has a purpose and that I am blessed with a wonderful circle of people supporting me in my journey.

A few things contributed to that moment.

The physical thing.

I had an amazing Reiki session with my dear friend and spiritual sister, who always makes my body talk so that I can understand and puts all the wheels and cogs turning in the right direction again.

The purpose thing.

I had a coaching session with a client and we both acknowledged the enormous amount of progress she has made since we started working together.

The being loved for who we are thing.

I got together with my best friends and we spent an evening laughing and crying, supporting each other in our journeys, each providing input and comfort to the other and confirming that we are wonderful, loveable, worthy beings.
I also had a date with a lovely man who confirmed that gentlemen still exist 🙂

The deeper connection thing.

I met with one of my ‘new’ friends (we met about 2-3 years ago). We talked about our lives and how we are sometimes lost and don’t know where to find the solution because we do not know what the solution (or even the problem) is. That afternoon we had such a strong connection, supporting and helping each other! I still get goosebumps when I think about.

The giving back thing.

I animated an after work chat with a women’s network on Resilience and the amount of a-ha moments that were created that evening still sends shivers down my spine. It confirmed that sharing your purpose, what you’re good at with other people not only makes us happy but also makes the world a better place.

The creative thing.

Last weekend, my friend Masha and I, filmed another session of my upcoming CreativemeTV e-course. It was filled with music, sound, active listening and creative brain connections, which I can’t wait to share with you. It reminded me that we humans are made to create things, beautiful things, things that we love and that are important to us, no matter the outcome.

All of the above components came together in one week and made me glow with happiness.

They are the necessary links in the circle of a happy life.

Do you have these vital components in your life?
Are they linked together to form a harmonious circle?
Which one is missing?
Or do you have one that is maybe too much?