So many people spend their days moaning, complaining, criticizing, gossiping, blaming.

We seem to connect a lot of things that happen to us to outside circumstances:

– My colleague prevents me from doing my job properly
– My partner makes me feel like shit
– My parent’s upbringing is responsible for my depression
– If only I were thinner, then I would find a boyfriend and I’d be happy.
and so on…

But it’s all a question of attitude really.

If you think these things prevent you from being happy and successful, then you are right.
If your mind accepts that you are a victim, then you are.
If you make others responsible for your happiness, then they are.

And as Oprah so rightly says ‘We teach people how to treat us’. So if we behave like a victim, we become one and people will treat us like one.

If however, we choose to decide that we will just use such walls in our life to learn from them, to change our outlook on them, to change our attitude and behavior towards them, then these walls will become doors.

What is it that makes you itch about your colleague? And why? Often our reactions say more about ourselves than they do about other people.

We cannot change other people, we can only change ourselves and our attitude towards them.

Sometimes that means speaking up, confronting, fighting.
Sometimes that means being happy despite the behavior, because we realize it is not that important.
Sometimes it means breaking up, looking for another job, moving away.

Sometimes it simply means you have to change a little thing for things to start changing.

Sometimes the easiest way to fight the negative is to surround yourself with lots of positive.

Look around you. What bothers you? What drains your energy? Do you know why?

Do you know how to switch from a complaining victim attitude to an action taking attitude?

What can you do today to make a little shift?

If you need help on shifting your mindset and you want to get tools to get going, I have the perfect program for you.