As many of you know, I choose a Word of the Year each year. It accompanies me throughout the year and has served me much much better than any resolution I have set in the past.

Recently I have been lazy and feeling guilty about it.
I blamed the weather, my back problems, a few interrupted nights.
But there was more.

It wasn’t until I read an article of my first life coach on revisiting your word of the year that things became clear.
(You’re supposed to revisit your word of the year at the mid point of the year – but I’m late with everything this year, so…)

My word for 2019 is OWN. When I chose it (or it chose me), it meant the following:

  • Become my own
  • Own my feelings
  • Own my experiences
  • Be my own ‘boss’
  • Oh Wow but No (ie not getting all excited and saying yes to everything! – owning what I say yes and devote my time to)
  • Own the now
  • Create my own life

So each year, around the middle mark, I revisit my word to see where I stand and whether I am still on track, how it has spoken to me and what I have done.

Every year I make a necklace with the word and I carry it around my neck to be reminded of the word every day.
This is the first year that I did not wear it (and owning that). I wore another one instead (doing it my own way!).

I have attended a mindfulness two day intensive course and I own the now more regularly now.
I am much more aware of my feelings this year (comes with age and wisdom I guess 🙂 and I try to honour them and own them. I decline invitation because I feel too tired or need a rest, I plan less in order to give myself time to just BE.

I have said no to a few project suggestions just because I didn’t feel in line with them 100%.

One thing that was not on my list when I chose the word, but that I have unconsciously done a lot this year is ‘be on my own’. Spending time alone has shown itself as a necessity this year. Quiet time, taking a bath, just lying in bed thinking or reading.

So you see, some things are in line, new ones show up. And even if they are totally out of tune with the word, I’m sure there is a link to it and a meaning to be devised.

Revisit it. Think about it. What does it say?