As I am writing this, I am sitting in my kitchen, looking out the window to the summer landscape of my garden.

Summer is the perfect time to be lazy, sit in the garden (or at the beach) and read a book.

So today I want to share with you some books that have touched me, differently in their own way.

Happy reading!

City of girls

City of girls

I have been a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert since Eat, Pray, Love and have since read all her books (yes even the ones before her fame).

I finished her new one in no time. Simply because she is able to transport you into another era. This time it’s New York in the 1940ies. when Vivian, thrown out of Vassar college, arrives at her aunt’s theatre called The Lily Playhouse. We follow Viv into her discovery of unconventional characters, sexy showgirls, love and deception and her own personal growing up and standing up for what you like and who you are. The book is told by 89 year old Vivian as she recalls the events of her life. It’s a love story, a coming of age story, a mystery until the end, a historical depiction of New York war and post-war life. It’s a delight to read!

Three wishes

I am a devourer of Liane Moriarty’s books since I discovered the series Big Little Lies which were based on her book with the same name. Her stories are lively because of her talent to make her characters come alive. There are always a bunch of very different people so that you can always identify with one or more of them. They live through situations that might at first glance seem unbelievable, but as the stories unfold, you realise that life is like that. Messy yet glorious.

Three wishes tells the story about the 3 sisters, triplets Lyn, Cat and Gemma Kettle. One is a successful business woman and mother balancing it all. The second has a perfect marriage everyone is jealous of. The last is looking for direction as she continuously changes jobs and boyfriends.

Yet, as always, things never are what they seem at first glance and Moriarty manages to slowly peel the layers of the onions and reveal the secrets we are all trying to hide.

What Alice Forgot

What Alice forgot

After reading the above book by her, you will want to dive straight into a another one. So here it is.
Alice has a nasty fall at the gym and seems to have lost 10 years of her life. She thinks she is 29, happily in love with her fiancée Nick and pregnant with their first baby. But…she is really 39, mother of 3 and on the brink of a divorce from Nick. How did that happen? How can she forget all this? What exactly did happen?
As Alice is slowly bringing together the pieces of the puzzle that is her life, she also need to grapple with the truth of making mistakes and not being the person you thought you were 10 years ago.
The Moon Sister (The Seven Sisters)

The Moon Sister (Seven Sisters trilogy – Book 5)

I have recommended Lucinda Riley before and must admit that I have yet to read a book by her that I don’t like. Moon Sister tells the story of Tiggy in the series of the Seven Sisters (book one is here). You can read each book in sequence but they can be read individually as they are standalone stories.

After the death of her father, Tiggy moves to remote Kinnaird estate in Scotland to help take care of the animals. She meets an ancient gipsy, who tells her about her connection to the Spain and Tiggy slowly discovers the truth about her sixth sense.

As always, Riley’s books travel back and forth in time and history and always link two parallel stories. They are always an easy read (the audiobooks are brilliantly read), well researched and with enough suspense and mystery to keep you going until the end. Perfect for summers at the beach.

The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affaire

I’m usually not a fan of whodunnit/murder mysterybooks. This one was recommended to me by a friend and labeled excellent and it was on my bookclub list when I had no time to read it and forgot all about it. So this year, I finally got to listening to the audiobook version in my car to and from work each day.

It’s quite an intriguing story and at some points confusing as it jumps back and forth in time (and that’s not easy to keep track of when you’re also keeping track of the road). The story is set in Somerset, New Hampshire and you really get the feel of small town life when a girl disappears in the summer of 1975 and her body is found 33 years later in writer Harry Quebert’s garden.

The story is told by Marcus Goldman, a writer suffering from writer’s block and former student of Quebert, travels to New Hampshire to save his mentor, the only suspect.

We travel back and forth in time with the multiple characters as more and more details come to light and it really isn’t until the end of the book that the whodunnit is revealed.

The following books are on my bookshelf waiting to be read.