How balanced are you?

2020-12-16T14:19:22+02:00December 18th, 2020|

Balance is the new buzzword. It's the state we all long to be in. For years now, we have been hearing that a work life balance is important for our well-being. That we can't just work-work-work because we need to play in order to stay sane. And that we can't just play all the time, because there is rent to pay. But what does work life balance really mean? From my experience there is no right answer here. Because my work life balance may look terrifying to you and I might not like the way you ha [...]

8 ways to mindfully avoid overwhelm

2020-12-09T19:17:07+02:00December 11th, 2020|

We all lead busy lives. Our agendas are chock-full with appointments. Our to do lists hardly leave us time to breathe. We have become multi-taskers, juggling work and life but struggling to find the right balance. Usually we manage pretty well. But sometimes, things spin out of control and OVERWHELM takes over. What are the signs of overwhelm?  you don’t know what the next thing is you need to be doing you break down and cry you get head- or back-aches from too much stress you forget important t [...]

21 days to create a habit. Really?

2020-03-26T13:43:30+02:00March 27th, 2020|

Today I want to talk about habits. We all have them. Ed Buryn describes them very well: “Routines and habits are the Known, protecting us from the Unknown. Habits are also called home. Habits tame the raw wilderness of existence into the civilized comforts of everyday life. Unfortunately, as we all know, habits gradually domesticate all the wildness and energy out of life. So much energy gets bound up in routines and habituated patterns, keeping them alive, that your life goes dead instead. Thus [...]

What to do when you’ve lost your way

2018-11-29T18:32:17+02:00April 6th, 2018|

You have been to a retreat, or a vacation, or it's the end of the year, and you've made all sorts of resolutions during that quiet time on how you will improve your life when you're back into daily routine. And it worked. For a while. For weeks, months even, you have been doing great, implementing what you've learned, sticking to your plan and keeping your resolutions. But after six months (or even three weeks :-)) some cracks appear in that foundation. Routine kicks in. Life happens. Shit happe [...]

Do you have an accountability buddy?

2019-03-12T09:38:53+02:00January 26th, 2018|

Some time ago I met up with the women who attended one of my retreats. We spent some time reviewing what has happened since the retreat. I had asked every woman 3 things: What have you accomplished since the retreat (added a habit, etc - this can be small or big - it's all about celebrating little successes!...)? What has really changed (just a bit or big time) since the retreat or what have you come to understand better since then? What  do you really struggle with (small or big)? It was such a [...]

It’s your responsibility – always

2018-12-03T16:12:35+02:00September 1st, 2017|

The other day, I was talking with a friend about how difficult it is to let go sometimes. Of past hurt, deception, anger, of the need to judge. We don't like to get hurt or disappointed. Who does, right? We like to be in control of situations so that they don't hurt us. And our brains are wired to protect us and are very crafty at setting up all sorts of protections to make sure we don't get hurt again, ever. But we also know that without a little forgiveness, daring and stepping out of our comf [...]

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