The power of slowing down

Ask anyone around you how they are, and a likely answer is 'Busy!'. Right? Everyone (ourselves included) seems to be always running: from one thought to the next, one meeting to another, from picking up the kids to getting groceries. Too much to do, no time to slow down or stand still. While you are running around like this, usually some things happen: you loose your keys, you stub your toe, you mix up appointments, you forget an important thing, something doesn't go like you thought it would. D [...]

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Anything you resist, persists – and gets stronger.

Apparently 'working on yourself doesn't work'. At least according to Ariel and Shya Kane who wrote a book with the same title which I read many years ago and which popped up for some reason recently. Sometime I find it hard to 'get it' while reading a book. Not because of the language per se, but because I cannot get my mind to wrap around it and understand mentally and physically what is meant by the message. So the authors had explained how to get to the moment and that like on a map, you firs [...]

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Are you stress resilient?

I remember when I was a student and there were bursts of stress when we had a test. We'd procrastinate learning to the last minute and then try to cram it all in the day before the test. Major stress. I remember when I was a teenager or in my early twenties and dating was stressful. Other than that, I don't think I had much stress. Now things are different. It seems that stress is omnipresent, in every little corner of our every day lives. We all need some stress in our lives. Otherwise we would [...]

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Do your default settings upset you?

You have them. Your friends have them. Your loved ones have them. Hell, even your computer has them. DEFAULT SETTINGS Huh? Well, your computer comes with a set of skills, settings and nerdy stuff that makes it suitable for a large audience. Then you buy it and you personalise it by adding a screensaver, a preferred style of this or that and maybe some more nerdy stuff - if you are a nerd that is. And when your computer is upset or even breaks down, nothing goes right? Nothing except going back t [...]

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