There is a time for everything

When you create, when you work on a project, when you organize an event, when you raise your kids, when you write a song, when you start a business, when you do anything in life really, there is a time for everything. That everything can be anything: the inspiration, the vision, the next step, the right supplier, the ideal milestone, the perfect school, that amazing riff, that excellent accountant... That everything can only come when all elements are ready for it. What elements are needed for i [...]

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8 ways to mindfully avoid overwhelm

We all lead busy lives. Our agendas are chock-full with appointments. Our to do lists hardly leave us time to breathe. We have become multi-taskers, juggling work and life but struggling to find the right balance. Usually we manage pretty well. But sometimes, things spin out of control and OVERWHELM takes over. What are the signs of overwhelm?  you don’t know what the next thing is you need to be doing you break down and cry you get head- or back-aches from too much stress you forget important t [...]

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SW SW SW SW is an acronym my first life coach taught me. It has to do with not taking things too seriously and the stories we tell ourselves. But let me start at the beginning. The other day, someone was saying to me that some people find my newsletter/blog laughable. My immediate reaction was: I am being attacked, I need to find out who it is and attack back or at least defend myself. I basically took what that person said personally. Then I stopped and breathed. Because that reaction usually [...]

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A mess is a message

The other day I wrote a post about the power of slowing down, because when we're at full speed, we don't hear life's messages anymore that we are supposed to hear. Let's dive a little deeper into those messages. What do messages look like: You yell at your kids more often than you should. You do not sleep well. Your back hurts a lot. You get a lot of headaches. You get up in the morning feeling less than excited about going to work. All you want to do is sit on your couch and watch television. Y [...]

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Life begins to flourish when there’s Clarity and Intention

Indecision and Overwhelm. Can You Relate? That’s what I asked when I introduced the story of the Italian gelateria. Remember the woman who couldn’t decide what she wanted? It’s a theme that so many women experience. Too many choices. Too much pressure. Too many people to be responsible to (and for). Too many tasks hanging over your head. Too many deadlines. Too many details. Simply too much. So much so that even the smallest decision or question – like “what kind of ice cream would you like?” ca [...]

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Why motivation is not the problem

As a life coach, I often hear people say they lack motivation. They have the best goals: they want to live healthier, get organized at home or at work, start a new business or project. These goals are things they WANT. And you would say that if you want something really bad, it should be easy to get motivated right? Wrong. So why are we not motivated or driven enough to meet our goals? Are we not determined enough? Strong enough? The way I see it, motivation is like the sap of a tree: it keeps [...]

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