10 insightful ways to find happiness and live a purposeful life (part 1)

When you ask people what they really want in life, most of the time happiness is in their top three list. Happiness is not easily defined as it means different things to each one of us. Lately though, more and more research goes into that direction and people seem to be more mindful about the simple pleasures in life. Living in the now is no longer just a new age term someone wrote about in a self help book. So if we all want it, why is it so hard to get? You can't buy it (or actually, you CAN a [...]

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Life 101 (…or There’s a blog post for everything)

Most of my blog posts started out as discussions with my friends, struggles my clients are facing or things I have liked and learned myself and feel the need to share. The other day, I had such a discussion with a friend about a struggle. And I thought: 'I will write a blog post about that'. And then I thought: 'Wait, I already HAVE a blog post about that!' Funny that. So today I thought I'd share some past posts with you just in case you find yourself in a certain situation. Enjoy! You feel stu [...]

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8 reasons why you’re always tired

1. You skip or don't exercise If you are sedentary or regularly skip your workout because you are tired, you need to think again. Exercising as little as a few times a week for 20 minutes can boost your strengths, energy levels and endurance. Your cardiovascular system runs more smoothly and exercise takes oxygen to your tissues. 2. You don't drink enough or eat unhealthy Even a little dehydration can take a toll on your energy levels. Make sure you drink enough water so that nutrients and oxyg [...]

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Inside the box: how systems make you more creative

I am living in a box. No, not really :-) But my house contains a lot of boxes. Many people ask me 'how do you do all the things that you do?' Half the time my answer is 'systems'. The other half of the time it's 'boxes'! :-) A box is a system. An organizational system. It helps you organize your house, your head, your life. Our lives already consist of a lot of boxes. There is work and home, family and friends, me-time and kids-time. When we meet new people we have the tendency to 'put them in a [...]

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Less is more – or how clutter deprives you from being happy

During my Create your Life workshops, after the women have set their intentions, they are looking at the road ahead: how do I get there? And that road is filled with obstacles. Otherwise they'd already be there, right? Often enough they don't know what these obstacles are and during the Create Your Life Steps I help them to not only identify them but also eliminate them. Clutter is a big issue. Clutter comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. Clutter can be physical (objects, gadgets, souvenirs, [...]

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Stressful vacations

Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important - Natalie Goldberg Some years ago I went on vacation with my then husband and the kids. First we took the kids to Disneyland Paris and then went on to Brittany where my other half took part in a sailing regatta. I had it all organised. Printed route description to all destinations Prepaid hotel with shuttle service Room with separate kids bedroom Prepaid entrance tickets to the park for one day Li [...]

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