11 ways to get the best out of your coach

Have you ever had a coach? the trainer you had in high school the consultant they paid when you were laid off the fitness coach you decided to hire to loose those pounds the life coach you felt you needed to get through mid life We have all had a coach in our life at some point. Sometimes we chose them, sometimes they were thrust upon us... for better or for worse. Often for worse. Here are a few tips to make your next coaching experience a success: it goes without saying that the points outline [...]

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Do you have an accountability buddy?

Some time ago I met up with the women who attended one of my retreats. We spent some time reviewing what has happened since the retreat. I had asked every woman 3 things: What have you accomplished since the retreat (added a habit, etc - this can be small or big - it's all about celebrating little successes!...)? What has really changed (just a bit or big time) since the retreat or what have you come to understand better since then? What  do you really struggle with (small or big)? It was such a [...]

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Do you have a mentor? Can you be one?

Many women follow in the footsteps of their mothers. Others are bound to follow their fathers'. What your parents teach you is of course hugely important. It shapes your life, your opinions, your behaviour. But usually it is someone else who opens up the world for you. Sometimes it's an uncle or aunt, a teacher, an older working colleague or an older friend. They teach you subtleties, give you business advice, tell you all about behavioral skills. They follow you on a project, guide you, make yo [...]

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