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Let’s have more micro adventures!

In the past years I have been on quite a few big adventures. I have driven 4000 km with a trailer tent all through France to Barcelona and Bilbao in Spain. I have driven another 4000 km with that same trailer tent all through Denmark and Sweden. And although those were wonderful, adventurous trips, I found myself quite in need of 'less' this year. Less driving, less locations, less mounting and dismounting tents, less doing, less responsibility, less kilometers, less planning, less organising, l [...]

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Do you eat alone in a restaurant?

When I was in my early 20ies, I lived in Paris. I had a job which got me to travel from time to time to places like Milan or Amsterdam. I would often find myself surrounded by people during the day but alone in the evenings. Most of those evenings I spent with a roomservice club sandwich in my room watching television or reading a book. Because I did not know any restaurants and didn't feel comfortable going there on my own in a foreign city. Years later, when I got to travel more, roomservice f [...]

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How to inhabit your discomfort

I read this sentence somewhere recently: Inhabiting the discomfort of the unfamiliar can let a truer, stronger voice emerge You know how some things, like sentences, words, images, situations, jump out at you sometimes? What do you do when that happens? Here's the thing: when something jumps at you like that, it's your intuition talking. It's ringing your doorbell to say: pay attention! Look at this! This is important! You need to get this message! So I looked at the sentence. Picked it apart. A [...]

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