How autumn can make you more creative.

Autumn is a time where the weather can switch from grey, rainy and foggy days to sunny, bright and colourful ones. And although it is dark early, autumn makes a great scenery for some creative activities. Here's how this season can make you become more creative. It's cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon. You have to be a creative dresser (for yourself and your kids) so that you're not freezing or sweating. Here's how to wear summer dresses still this fall. The colorful leaves, foggy mor [...]

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18 reasons why creative women are sexy

I have recently been told that I have sex appeal. Okay, no surprise, it was a man who said it..., but he also explained what made him think I was sexy. 'It's the creative way you do things', he said. Now, I don't need a man to tell me I am sexy or creative. I know that. But it's nice to hear, right? So here's why creative women are sexy: They are confident about their ideas and the way they do things. They are not afraid to fail, because failure makes them learn and grow and become more confide [...]

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How to add creativity to your daily life

Everyone is born creative. Not everyone is able to remain creative. Education and school is what happens. We learn how to comply, fit into a mould, align, compromise. We are formed by peer pressure, wrong answers, judgements and nasty comments. We compare ourselves to others and form our opinion according to that. We think that failure is bad and thus stop taking risks. We don't want to come across as 'not knowing' and stop asking questions. And at some point we say about ourselves 'I am not cre [...]

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Your normal is someone else’s exotic

I was listening to an audio book where an American student was describing his Guatemalan roommate as exotic. Sun on your skin, beaches, mosquitoes, colorful clothing, palm trees and lush green and blue scenery, sing song language. Exotic, yes. But normal, every day life when you're Guatemalan. It's the same with creativity. The things you do in your normal way may look exotic to someone else. And have you really looked at the normal, routine life you're leading? Is it really that mundane? There [...]

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Life begins to flourish when there’s Clarity and Intention

Indecision and Overwhelm. Can You Relate? That’s what I asked when I introduced the story of the Italian gelateria. Remember the woman who couldn’t decide what she wanted? It’s a theme that so many women experience. Too many choices. Too much pressure. Too many people to be responsible to (and for). Too many tasks hanging over your head. Too many deadlines. Too many details. Simply too much. So much so that even the smallest decision or question – like “what kind of ice cream would you like?” ca [...]

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