How to add creativity to your daily life

Everyone is born creative. Not everyone is able to remain creative. Education and school is what happens. We learn how to comply, fit into a mould, align, compromise. We are formed by peer pressure, wrong answers, judgements and nasty comments. We compare ourselves to others and form our opinion according to that. We think that failure is bad and thus stop taking risks. We don't want to come across as 'not knowing' and stop asking questions. And at some point we say about ourselves 'I am not cre [...]

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Why the easiest choice is not always the best and why you should go for it anyway

When I was in high school, we had social studies, which in our neck of the woods was called 'Knowledge of the World' (Connaissance du monde). One day the teacher, a young bespectacled man with unruly, curly hair, gave us an assignment. That announcement alone made us teenagers gasp with desperation. We could choose the topic. Ah, things were looking up! I don't remember all the suggested topics, but they were along the lines of 'Pick a current affairs subject and present it to the class' and oth [...]

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Some things just don’t work out

When I was 10 wanted to publish a magazine. I was a fan of 'Rate mal' a German magazine 'for boys and girls' filled with riddles, stories and things you had to investigate. I was not a fan of the typical pink girly magazines and the popmusic magazines were still a few years in the future for me. So I started a club. I put an ad in that magazine looking for members who would get my monthly 'newsletter/magazine' in the post. I had about 10 members. And each month I would spend hours cutting, pasti [...]

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How to tame your inner critic

Some time ago I was participating in a creative coaching group and we were talking about taking tiny creative steps boldly. We were talking about our Inner Critic and how powerful this little creature in our head can be. Some describe it as a physical little being like a goblin or even a witch. Others describe more of a voice that is angry, scared, frustrated, unsure. Here are a few tips for banning its destructive methods or just simply putting it to sleep. Befriend it: Don't fight your inner c [...]

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The less routine the more life

ROUTINE: a course of normative, standardized actions or procedures that are followed regularly, often repetitiously. You get up in the morning, prepare and eat breakfast, brush your teeth, dress, take the car and drive the same way to work. Routine. It is safe. It is a no-brain activity. Those of you with children know that such a peaceful routine hardly ever exists in the morning. Child does not like the jam on the bread, wants the bread cut in small squares, shoes are missing, runny nose needs [...]

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The 10 most inspirational websites

One of my faithful readers recently asked me what my most inspirational websites are. And since I like turn my life into a newsletter (feel free to ask questions and send me requests for topics --- hint hint), below is a list of the 10 websites that I visit on a very regular basis for different reasons: originality, creativity, inspiration (for writing, painting etc) emotion (they speak to me), support (they help me in different ways) etc. WARNING: all of the below sites can be addictive! 1) PIN [...]

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