How to say no

When I help my clients get clear (on what they want, don't want, the new road they want to take, the new life they want to create...), they will find themselves suddenly unable to deal with the usual stuff that they used to tolerate. This comes with the territory of clarity! If you too have gotten clear on certain things in your life, set your intention on where you want to go from here, it is now time to learn how to say NO…to: anyone that drains you anything that is not in line with your inten [...]

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Inside the box: how systems make you more creative

I am living in a box. No, not really :-) But my house contains a lot of boxes. Many people ask me 'how do you do all the things that you do?' Half the time my answer is 'systems'. The other half of the time it's 'boxes'! :-) A box is a system. An organizational system. It helps you organize your house, your head, your life. Our lives already consist of a lot of boxes. There is work and home, family and friends, me-time and kids-time. When we meet new people we have the tendency to 'put them in a [...]

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Vote for the best name of my newest painting!

In my last newsletter, I showed my readers this painting which I recently finished. I haven't named it yet and I was asking my readers to provide me with suggestions for the perfect name of this beauty. I have received quite some interesting suggestions. And this is where you come in! It is now your turn to vote for what you think is the best name for this painting. One person, one vote. You can only vote once and only for one name. Votes close on 27 May. The person who submitted the name with t [...]

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How to add creativity to your daily life

Everyone is born creative. Not everyone is able to remain creative. Education and school is what happens. We learn how to comply, fit into a mould, align, compromise. We are formed by peer pressure, wrong answers, judgements and nasty comments. We compare ourselves to others and form our opinion according to that. We think that failure is bad and thus stop taking risks. We don't want to come across as 'not knowing' and stop asking questions. And at some point we say about ourselves 'I am not cre [...]

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Why the easiest choice is not always the best and why you should go for it anyway

When I was in high school, we had social studies, which in our neck of the woods was called 'Knowledge of the World' (Connaissance du monde). One day the teacher, a young bespectacled man with unruly, curly hair, gave us an assignment. That announcement alone made us teenagers gasp with desperation. We could choose the topic. Ah, things were looking up! I don't remember all the suggested topics, but they were along the lines of 'Pick a current affairs subject and present it to the class' and oth [...]

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Some things just don’t work out

When I was 10 wanted to publish a magazine. I was a fan of 'Rate mal' a German magazine 'for boys and girls' filled with riddles, stories and things you had to investigate. I was not a fan of the typical pink girly magazines and the popmusic magazines were still a few years in the future for me. So I started a club. I put an ad in that magazine looking for members who would get my monthly 'newsletter/magazine' in the post. I had about 10 members. And each month I would spend hours cutting, pasti [...]

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