Are you a people pleaser?

We all do things for others.  We run errands for our parents. We drive our kids around. We bake a cake for a school event. We make a hairdresser appointment for our partner. We take on the lead of a charity project. And in general there is nothing wrong with it. Unless...  Unless these things no longer fall in the category of kindness but become people pleasing. What's the difference between kindness and people pleasing? Well, if someone asks you to bake a cake for a school event and you think ' [...]

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How to ‘deal with’ your emotions

Since my recent post about anger, I have had quite a few responses from people thanking me but also asking me for ways to deal with anger and other emotions on a daily basis. Let me get one thing straight before we dive into that. Emotions serve a purpose. Avoiding them or repressing them only makes them (and your life) worse. Unfortunately we are often not taught how to deal with emotions. On the contrary, we are often told that being angry is not good and that there is no time or place for sad [...]

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51 insightful ways to find happiness and live a purposeful life

When you ask people what they really want in life, most of the time happiness is in their top three list. Happiness is not easily defined as it means different things to each one of us. Lately though, more and more research goes into that direction and people seem to be more mindful about the simple pleasures in life. Living in the now is no longer just a new age term someone wrote about in a self help book. So if we all want it, why is it so hard to get? You can't buy it (or actually, you CAN a [...]

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