100 tips to get what you really want

Choose yourself. 1. Take control. Realize that you are responsible for the direction in your life. Choose today to take control of that direction! You are responsible for your own happiness. 2. Realize... that everyone goes through things in life that no fun. It all depends on how you deal with them. 3. Trust yourself and in what will come. Trust your feeling when you find it difficult to make a choice. 4. Let go of 'knowing for sure'. People like to know if the choice they are making is the rig [...]

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A girl went into a bar…

The other night, I was out for dinner with my friends. We had planned to go dancing. But over the course of our meal, one by one they dropped off. Too tired, getting up early the next day... It's interesting what happens when you have been looking forward to something and then it doesn't happen. I live in a village in the middle of nowhere with one one access road still standing. Apart from work and my women's workshops and events, I do not meet a lot of people. So the prospect of going out in t [...]

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Wanting what we don’t have

Very often when I meet with my awesome women friends, something odd happens. These women are all very different. All very unique. All very beautiful. All very intelligent. They are all grown-ups who have had their share of blissfully happy and mindblowingly sad moments. They have all mastered them well in their own unique way and could probably write a self-help book about it. Often when these women meet, one version of the below scenarios is likely to happen: "Oh I love your hair!!! I so wish [...]

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What are you scared shitless of?

  Here is an inspiring talk by Merlin Mann about being scared shitless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=354&v=Lk0hSeQ5s_k   In my life I have been scared shitless countless times: about love. about childbirth about raising my kids right about something happening to my kids about not doing enough in this life about moving to Paris when I was only 19 about other people's opinion about presenting my idea to a management committee about my parents getting older about running o [...]

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How to tame your inner critic

Some time ago I was participating in a creative coaching group and we were talking about taking tiny creative steps boldly. We were talking about our Inner Critic and how powerful this little creature in our head can be. Some describe it as a physical little being like a goblin or even a witch. Others describe more of a voice that is angry, scared, frustrated, unsure. Here are a few tips for banning its destructive methods or just simply putting it to sleep. Befriend it: Don't fight your inner c [...]

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How to ‘deal with’ your emotions

Since my recent post about anger, I have had quite a few responses from people thanking me but also asking me for ways to deal with anger and other emotions on a daily basis. Let me get one thing straight before we dive into that. Emotions serve a purpose. Avoiding them or repressing them only makes them (and your life) worse. Unfortunately we are often not taught how to deal with emotions. On the contrary, we are often told that being angry is not good and that there is no time or place for sad [...]

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