Do you listen to your body?

Does your day always go according to you plan? Usually not right? We get interrupted constantly and things happen that we had not foreseen. You're at work and your boss asks you to do an urgent presentation. You put your normal work aside and are confident you can get this finished within the limited time. But then the school calls that your kid is sick and needs to be picked up. All of a sudden, what started as a peaceful day, becomes hectic and unmanageable. Sound familiar? Let me ask another [...]

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How to stop complaining: free tools and worksheets

Hang up our No Complaining Poster in your office at work, at the coffee machine or wherever you are surrounded by negativity and gossiping. Make requests, rather than complain! Complaint: You never help me clean up at home! Request: (made during a quiet, peaceful time, not while you're upset and emotionally charged!) I'd like to make a request. Do you have a minute? (pause) Could you clean up your own things when you are done with them? This will help me take care of the kid's things and would l [...]

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11 ways to put things in perspective

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou Let's say your company is restructuring. Some people are laid off. Some are promoted. People are tense, out of their comfort zones and motivation is sneaking out the back door. And you are in the middle of all this. What do you do? jump on projects, work constructively and pro-actively, take change as an opportunity, share your enthusiasm, go out of your way to make it happen. quietly work acc [...]

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Is your perception out of focus?

My friend is driving and I'm sitting next to her. She drives along a wet, winding, country road and when she gets to a bend, my foot twitches because this is the point when I would have breaked. She doesn't break until what seems like a minute later. I already see myself in the ditch with a dented car... PERCEPTION. The way we perceive things and translate them. When two people look out of a window, they will not see the same things. Our attention is individual and selective. We focus on differe [...]

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How about a little less focus?

If you focus less, you see more. Srini Pillay When I paint, there is a period of intense focus. On a certain part of the canvas, on a color, on an image. And doesn't come together. I get overwhelmed, or blocked. I hate what I have done. I get confused. I do not know the next step. Intense focus doesn't only have this effect in painting. It does in life too. As human beings, when we want to change something, we tend to intensely focus on the project, plan or problem (ah, those P words.. [...]

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