The 10 most inspirational websites

One of my faithful readers recently asked me what my most inspirational websites are. And since I like turn my life into a newsletter (feel free to ask questions and send me requests for topics --- hint hint), below is a list of the 10 websites that I visit on a very regular basis for different reasons: originality, creativity, inspiration (for writing, painting etc) emotion (they speak to me), support (they help me in different ways) etc. WARNING: all of the below sites can be addictive! 1) PIN [...]

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Inspiration vs. Motivation: You need to know the difference to see why it matters to your success

“Just don’t give up on trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” —Ella Fitzgerald   Some years ago I was asked by a women's website to write an article on inspiration or motivation. At first, I was very motivated and eagerly replied that I would love to write such an article. Sure.  Right… Uhm… There I was, devoid of inspiration. As I often do when I am at a loss, I try to be creative.  Being creative is often about linking two [...]

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Inspirational sites to a better you

ZENHABITS Leo Babauta has a minimalist website and writes about a zen life, which is all about simplicity, healthy living and habits that improve your life. Some examples are Tips for travelling with kids or Comparing yourself to others MARIE FORLEO Marie is quirky. She has short, to the point and fun video’s with life and business advice that even if you don’t need it, will brighten up your day. BRAINPICKINGS Brain Pickings is my go to reading material if I want to change my point of view or [...]

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