Summer 2020 – original vacation ideas

Due to the pandemic situation, we, like many others, had to rethink our holiday plans. We are no longer going to Florida, but have now booked a house with a pool in the Provence. It feels right, safe and doable in these crazy times. Staying closer to home, driving distance seems to be more important now. So I thought I'd provide you with a few original ideas on where to spend your summer this year, should you still be looking... LUXEMBOURG Trail-inn The Trail Inn hotel is in my vill [...]

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Miranda’s favorite things – May 2020

I know we've only just had a favorite things post. But one can never have enough favorite things to share, right? AIRBNB's online experiences Airbnb is known as a travel platform that let's you stay in unique places. They already had a sidekick called 'Experiences' where you could book wine tastings or art making sessions with a local. Now that people are no longer able to travel, they have started offering those experiences as online sessions. Cooking pasta with granny, learning tango or [...]

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Miranda’s favorite things – Spring 2020

It's almost spring! The weather is definitely gorgeous. So it's time for another post on my recently discovered favourite things. I thought I'd keep them all to the online category considering that most of the world is currently in lockdown. Also, if you have any tips that may fall into this category, I'd be happy if you could share them with me via email or in the comments below! Let's share our favorites! ART CLASSES Flora Bowley introduced me to intuitive painting. And it changed my art [...]

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How to ease back into life after summer

After summer, whether you have been away on holidays or not, something changes.You need to get back to work. Kids to back to school. It’s getting chilly in the morning so you need to turn the heating on. Days are getting shorter and it’s dark when you get up in the morning. So you may feel a bit blue. Yearn for the beach, the barbecue evenings int the garden, the days of not wearing a watch, weeks without checking your emails. Here are a few tips on how to ease back into your life after summ [...]

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Croatia with kids

I recently spent a week in Croatia on the island of Brac with my boys and a friend and her boys.  And as usual I want to share my travel experience with you. Transport We flew there from Luxembourg with Lufthansa (flights via Munich or Frankfurt) and landed in Split. There is also an option to fly via Zagreb and land directly on Brac island. We had rented a car for 65 euros a week  with which we drove to the ferry terminal in the Split harbor. Travelling with boys is easy because any new mean of [...]

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