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What 10 things do you know to be true?

Today I want to share a TED speech by Sarah Kay, founder of Project V.O.I.C.E. (Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expression). Project VOICE is a national movement that celebrates and inspires youth self-expression through Spoken Word Poetry. What 10 things do you know to be true? Here are mine: 'Having kids' is the biggest oxymoron out there. You don't 'have' kids. They have you. It's the most difficult, beautiful, exasperating, mind blowing, crazy and emotional thing that exists. No one can do it j [...]

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Do you have a mentor? Can you be one?

Many women follow in the footsteps of their mothers. Others are bound to follow their fathers'. What your parents teach you is of course hugely important. It shapes your life, your opinions, your behaviour. But usually it is someone else who opens up the world for you. Sometimes it's an uncle or aunt, a teacher, an older working colleague or an older friend. They teach you subtleties, give you business advice, tell you all about behavioral skills. They follow you on a project, guide you, make yo [...]

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