The Charlie Schulz Philosophy

The following is the philosophy of Charles Schulz, the creator of the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip. You don’t have to actually answer the questions….just ponder them. 1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world. 2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners. 3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant. 4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. 5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress. 6. Name the last decade’s worth of World Series [...]

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This crazy little thing called friendship

A few years ago, I let go of one of my oldest friendships. We had known each other since kindergarten. I wasn't her best friend. That was someone else. They exchanged handwritten letters daily and were always glued together. I admit I was a bit jealous of that. I was friends with both of them but always felt kind of like the 5th wheel. We became close friends in our teenage years however, when we started going out and partying. This was mainly due to her brother who was older and had a car. But [...]

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‘Here’s what I love’ list

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get a happy life. – Abraham Hicks We all have busy lives. Job, kids, partner, friends, parents. We try to juggle it all, fit it all into one day. And we manage. And we are happy. Sort of. We are chasing success, perfection, happiness. Because that is what is expected of us. Right? This chase can very quickly become an obsession. We need to be better, faster, more perf [...]

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Do you have a tribe?

On my vision board for 2018 there was a big word: TRIBE. A tribe is viewed, historically or developmentally, as a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states. Many people used the term "tribal society" to refer to societies organized largely on the basis of social, especially familial, descent groups (see clan and kinship). A customary tribe in these terms is a face-to-face community, relatively bound by kinship relations, reciprocal exchange, and strong ties to place. [...]

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On bending a spoon

I may have told you before that I was in London recently, attending a workshop by the famous Elizabeth Gilbert (she wrote Eat, Pray, Love). And after that workshop I flew on to Dallas to meet my wonderful friend Laura, who I knew had attended on of Elizabeth Gilbert's workshops, this one however with the equally famous Martha Beck. So Laura told me that Martha made the whole room bend spoons. And I was like: what??? So Laura showed me. And I tried. And I couldn't. And I sat with it. And the next [...]

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Am I in love?

There's a book I have been reading on and off lately. It's called The Book of She - Your Heroine's Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power I have a kind of love/hate relationship with this book. Similar to back in the days when I read the book 'Women Who Run with Wolves' People were raving about it, suggested I read it. I did, or let's say I tried. But didn't really 'get it'. Much of this She-book is in line with what I coach my clients on. Some of it is a bit too 'spiritual', too 'feminine' to [...]

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