A girl went into a bar…

The other night, I was out for dinner with my friends. We had planned to go dancing. But over the course of our meal, one by one they dropped off. Too tired, getting up early the next day... It's interesting what happens when you have been looking forward to something and then it doesn't happen. I live in a village in the middle of nowhere with one one access road still standing. Apart from work and my women's workshops and events, I do not meet a lot of people. So the prospect of going out in t [...]

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Inaction is the number one reason for your stress

Are you stressed? If you are, what creates the most stress in your life? Your bills and the lack of money? Your partner? Your kids? Your health and looks? Your job you don’t like anymore? Your boss? Trust me, they are not the reason for your stress. The main cause of your stress comes from the fact that you know what to do about it but don’t do anything. And hence you become your own worst enemy. But fact is that your INACTION to change the situation is the number one reason for your stress. I [...]

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9 simple ways to bring some WOW (Ways Of Wonder) back into your life

Do you still wonder? WONDER: to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel (at). You are submerged with information, have all the latest technological gadgets and travel to the world's nicest holiday destinations. But do you still wonder? Really wonder? Here are a few things to bring some simple awesomeness back into your life. Space: We think we know a lot about our solar system and the stars and planets that are in it. But we only know a finite portion of what's out there. When I was [...]

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