10 more insightful ways to find happiness and live a purposeful life (part 4)

HOW TO USE THIS LIST: Below are the fourth 10 insightful ways to be happy. For the next 2 weeks you will receive 10 more each week. Watch one video or read one article or two each day. If you are too busy to do this every day you are probably not happy (enough)! Save them as bookmarks to read later or look them up on my blog. Enjoy. 31. Stuart Brown: Play is more than fun A pioneer in research on play, Dr. Stuart Brown says humor, games, roughhousing, flirtation and fantasy are more than just fu [...]

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16 happiness systems that have a positive effect on other people

Have you ever had an a-ha moment? You know, a moment when suddenly little bits and pieces of life fall together and make you realize something? I had one some years ago. I was at work, in a good mood, smiling. I felt like I was in a bubble; a positive, happy bubble that allowed me to work easily and get things done. I noticed that my mood, attitude and intention seemed to change the way things were happening and people were reacting around me. One colleague seemed particularly stressed and in a [...]

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11 ways to put things in perspective

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou Let's say your company is restructuring. Some people are laid off. Some are promoted. People are tense, out of their comfort zones and motivation is sneaking out the back door. And you are in the middle of all this. What do you do? jump on projects, work constructively and pro-actively, take change as an opportunity, share your enthusiasm, go out of your way to make it happen. quietly work acc [...]

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How to ‘deal with’ your emotions

Since my recent post about anger, I have had quite a few responses from people thanking me but also asking me for ways to deal with anger and other emotions on a daily basis. Let me get one thing straight before we dive into that. Emotions serve a purpose. Avoiding them or repressing them only makes them (and your life) worse. Unfortunately we are often not taught how to deal with emotions. On the contrary, we are often told that being angry is not good and that there is no time or place for sad [...]

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A Woman’s Guilt Trip

You eat a piece of chocolate, or two, too many. You arrive late for an appointment. You snap at a friend or colleague, or even your mom on the phone. You buy a pair of shoes you don’t really need. You spend time surfing the web instead of playing with your kids. You went for a massage instead of spending time with your family. You think of Johnny Depp instead of your husband while making love. Whenever I coach women or talk to my friends, at some point the discussion turns to or around the sub [...]

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