How (and why) to beat your inferiority complex

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt Some years ago, I was asked by the women’s network of an international bank to speak at their monthly meeting about creativity, finding your passion and work-life balance. When I met the two women, I was impressed by their professionality, their corporate position and the way they seemed to manage their own work life balance. When I am in such meetings, I have a tendency to fall back into one of my default settings, whi [...]

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Revisiting your Word of the Year

As many of you know, I choose a Word of the Year each year. It accompanies me throughout the year and has served me much much better than any resolution I have set in the past. Recently I have been lazy and feeling guilty about it. I blamed the weather, my back problems, a few interrupted nights. But there was more. It wasn’t until I read an article of my first life coach on revisiting your word of the year that things became clear. (You're supposed to revisit your word of the year at the mid [...]

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We all break down sometimes. It’s okay!

A few years ago, around this time of year, I had a serious breakdown. Yes, happens to the best of us, even me. The first day of school had gone well. I was proud to have pulled it off again without forgetting half the stuff the teachers always request you have ready on the first day. The kids were happy, had no homework. All honky dory. The next morning, all hell broke loose. The boys were fighting constantly, didn’t want to get dressed or brush their teeth, were moaning and whining about ever [...]

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Put it all out there

When you put it all out there, you’re free. Free to stop trying to figure out what people want.  You’ve already put it out there…they know what you’re about, how you contradict yourself, how you might not get along…and they’re still interested.   What an amazing people-filter.  And people-attractor. Put it out there. Win. -- Andy Swan I came across the above statement some time ago while googling something completely different. And it spoke to me. In many ways. I think we all struggle at some po [...]

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You are AMAZING!

  I have a group of wonderful girlfriends. I call them my tribe. These women are all very different. In age, in looks, in personality, in passion. Whenever we are together, the following ALWAYS happens: We drink wine. We laugh a lot. We hug. We support each other. We listen. We share our innermost thoughts. We show our vulnerability. We nod and say ‘me too’. We ask provocative questions. We cry. We tell the truth. We create a safe haven. We are real. All these have one thing in common : the [...]

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