How to stop complaining: free tools and worksheets

Hang up our No Complaining Poster in your office at work, at the coffee machine or wherever you are surrounded by negativity and gossiping. Make requests, rather than complain! Complaint: You never help me clean up at home! Request: (made during a quiet, peaceful time, not while you're upset and emotionally charged!) I'd like to make a request. Do you have a minute? (pause) Could you clean up your own things when you are done with them? This will help me take care of the kid's things and would l [...]

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9 ways to stay healthy and happy

At the beginning of each year, people always start with the same kind of resolutions. exercise more eat healthily drink less alcohol ... If you've followed me for some time, you know I don't believe in New Year's resolutions but choose a Word of the Year instead. Besides the word of the year, the secret to a happy and healthy life are your daily habits. They may be small habits, but they can alter your life tremendously. So below are few simple tips to stay (or become) happy and healthy. • Eat [...]

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How to Empty Your Head

“There is a direct correlation between physical exertion and mental relief.”  ― Sakyong Mipham I started running late in life. I was a gymnast in my teens and spent my 20ies doing absolutely nothing… The first time my ex husband took me running, I thought I was going to die after 100 meters! It was no fun and very hard. But like with everything, when you persevere, you get better at it and things become easier. I started running more seriously after I had my first child. I had gained 20 kg (uh [...]

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